Memorial and Honor Gifts

Making a memorial or honor gift to The Strong is a meaningful way to pay tribute to someone or commemorate a special occasion. This tax-deductible gift provides a uniquely thoughtful way to honor a birthday, anniversary, or other occasion, or to memorialize a life well-lived. 

In addition to recognizing loved ones, memorial gifts of all sizes help to fund educational opportunities and community outreach experiences at The Strong.

Memorial and Honor Opportunities

The Strong offers several options for memorial and honor gifts. At the $10,000 level, an engraved plaque is installed in tribute to a loved one, with a recognition period of ten years and the option to renew at the end of that time period.

For all tribute gifts of $100 or more, the names of individuals being memorialized or honored are listed on a sign near the entrance to Dancing Wings Butterfly Garden for a minimum of one year.

Installation of a commemorative plaque $10,000
Release of two butterflies into the butterfly garden*  $1,000
Name listed near the entrance to Dancing Wings Butterfly Garden for one year $100+




* Memorial and honor gifts below $10,000 do not include public dedication/release ceremonies, museum admission, or in-museum recognition via plaques or labels.

Acknowledging Memorial and Honor Gifts

Acknowledgements of all memorial and honor gifts, regardless of size, are conveyed to the honoree or the honoree’s family without revealing the amount of the contribution. The individual being honored, or the family of the person being remembered, receives a list of all donors who have made tribute gifts. Additionally, memorial and honor gifts are recognized in The Strong’s online annual report. Gifts can also be made by mail. Please indicate the honoree’s name and contact information so that the appropriate individuals may be notified of your gift. Please mail memorial or honor gifts with check made payable to The Strong to:

The Strong
Institutional Advancement
One Manhattan Square
Rochester, NY 14607

To learn more about memorial or honor gifts, please contact the institutional advancement team at 585-410-6346 or