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The Strong is easily accessible from the NYS Thruway and regional expressways.

Museum News

  • American Council of the Blind
    The Strong welcomes guests from the American Council of the Blind for guided tours of the museum.
  • Mark Lesser, programmer and designer of Mattel's Auto Race and Football 1 handheld games, and Dr. Mary Ellin Logue, professor emerita at the University of Maine, visit The Strong. Pictured here with the museum's Jeremy Saucier (left). 
  • Lual Mayen (center), South Sudanese game developer and founder of Junub Games, shares his story with The Strong's staff about of growing up in a refugee camp and self-teaching himself to make video games. 
  • The Original Mobile Games, a free minigame collection developed jointly by The Strong museum, Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), and Second Avenue Learning, earns a silver medal at the International Serious Play Awards. 
  • Eva Nwokah, recipient of the G. Rollie Adams Research Fellowship and professor at Our Lady of the Lake University, visits The Strong to examine how authors use words and images to create meaning for children. 
  • Fellowship recipient Peter Licari, PhD candidate at the University of Florida, visits The Strong to research the influence of video games on political attitudes.