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The Strong’s professional development experiences are designed for pre- and in-service teachers, administrators, curriculum development professionals, and other early childhood professionals. The Strong’s educators have expertise in the Reggio Emilia approach, play-based learning, and project-based learning. Experiences are offered at the museum or at an off-site location. The Strong’s professional development experiences are custom-designed to meet the unique learning goals of each group, and can be designed to meet New York State Office of Child and Family Services’ training requirements for early childhood programs.

It costs $225 per hour for our staff to create and deliver a custom presentation. Additional research and presentation time will incur an additional $225 per hour. These fees do not include museum admission fees.

Creating Play-Based Lesson Plans that Align with NYS Standards

Dive into the blend of play and curriculum writing in this comprehensive workshop. As we explore the integration of the New York State Standards with playful activities, you’ll be equipped with strategies to craft lesson plans that not only meet academic objectives but also light up young minds with excitement. Experience a transformative shift from traditional teaching to a vibrant learning space where curriculum and creativity dance together.

Learning Through Play and the Stages of Childhood Development

Join us in uncovering the intricate layers of play and its pivotal role throughout childhood development. By exploring the nuances of each developmental stage and its connection to play, we’ll unravel a roadmap for educators, guiding you to create enriched environments. This journey will offer insights into moments where laughter, exploration, and growth shape a child’s worldview, and how teachers can amplify these moments for profound learning outcomes.

Trauma Informed Care and the Role and Power of Play

Step into a realm of empathy, understanding, and healing as we traverse the terrain of trauma in education. Through in-depth discussions, we’ll shine a light on the indelible marks trauma can leave on learning while highlighting the restorative power of play. Empower yourself with knowledge and actionable strategies to build classrooms that are refuges of safety, understanding, and healing, where every child can rebuild and rediscover the joy of learning.

Cultivating Playful and Artistic Classrooms

Envision a classroom alive with color, imagination, and boundless energy. In this immersive workshop, we’ll journey through techniques to seamlessly integrate art and play into daily lessons. By fostering spaces where creativity reigns supreme, educators can pave the way for students to express, innovate, and grow in an atmosphere of wonder and discovery.

Anti-bias Teacher Professional Development

In this introspective and transformative professional development, we’ll delve deep into the fabric of biases that can unwittingly shape educational environments. Through reflective exercises, discussions, and actionable strategies, we’ll embark on a mission to reshape our classrooms. Together, let’s create spaces brimming with equity, respect, and inclusivity, where every student’s story is celebrated.

The Developmental Play Stages and Play as a Pedological Praxis

Journey into the heart of play and its profound influence on pedagogy. In this enlightening session, we’ll chart the developmental milestones of play and its symbiotic relationship with effective teaching. Gain a holistic understanding of how play, in its myriad forms, can become a cornerstone of transformative educational experiences, sparking curiosity and deep engagement.

Reggio Emilia Inspired Training for Families

Invite families into the enchanting world of the Reggio Emilia approach. This enriching session is a beacon for parents and guardians, illuminating the essence of child-centered exploration and experiential learning. Together, we’ll craft a tapestry of tools and strategies, empowering families to cultivate home environments that mirror the richness and depth of Reggio Emilia-inspired classrooms.

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