World Video Game Hall of Fame

Celebrate the most iconic and influential games of all time—from Pong to Minecraft—in this space dedicated to the inductees into The Strong’s World Video Game Hall of Fame (adjacent to the interactive eGameRevolution exhibit). Play a round of Super Mario Bros. with an oversized controller and save the day in the arcade classic Donkey Kong. Learn about the ways that these games changed the video game industry and popular culture, and view rare or unique artifacts, including a:

  • Server blade from World of Warcraft, which housed a playable realm
  • Hand-drawn Sonic rendering for Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Paper diorama of Super Mario Bros. from artist Alain “Wuppes” Wildgen
  • Physical playing cards replicating the digital design used in Microsoft Solitaire
  • Reproduction of the Rolling Stone article on Spacewar!, the first example of video game journalism in a mainstream magazine
  • A T-shirt displaying the iconic “You Have Died of Dysentery” phrase from The Oregon Trail
  • A Mario Kart telephone and Street Fighter II board game

The World Video Game Hall of Fame is produced by The Strong’s International Center for the History of Electronic Games. Learn more about the exciting plans for the World Video Game Hall of Fame as part of The Strong’s expansion project.