The Lost World of Dragons

Through September 7

Calling all adventurers! Be whisked off to a fantastical land when The Lost World of Dragons exhibit swoops into The Strong. Come face to face with animatronic versions of these magical, mythical creatures.

•    Take pictures with seven moving dragons of all shapes and sizes, such as a regal red dragon, a slithering sea serpent, and the legendary wyvern.
•    Explore the myths and lore that surround dragons—including stories from Norway and ancient China.
•    Enter “Smaug’s Lair” to see his piles of gold and treasures and take a seat on the throne.
•    Explore the forge and alchemy laboratory.
•    Complete a series of mix-and-match and magnetic dragon puzzles.
•    Draw your own dragon and create your own dragon tales with shadow puppets.

Hop into a dragon’s harness, hold on tight, and soar on a virtual flight. Recommended for ages 13 and older. $3 per person per ride. Located near the Field of Play exhibit on the museum's first floor.

Presented in the Fidelis Care Gallery.

Fidelis Care

The Lost World of Dragons is developed by Stage Nine Exhibitions and distributed by Exhibits Development Group.