Field Trips

Museum field trips provide dynamic opportunities for project-based learning and unique ways for teachers to connect to curriculum. The Strong offers field trips for all grade levels.

Field trip experiences are available during the school year with some exceptions. Field trips are not available on weekends, holidays, during the summer or other school-break periods, or on days the museum offers Theme Day programming.

Field trips cost $8 per student and include full-day museum admission. Ten students minimum required. For more information or to book a visit, please call 585-263-2700.

Project Suggestions

These recent examples demonstrate how museum spaces support hands-on connections to material covered in the classroom:

  • A fifth grade class visited Dancing Wings Butterfly Garden to sketch plants as part of their study of botany and to inspire poetry writing.
  • A first grade class visited Reading Adventureland as part of their study of literature genres.
  • A high school technology class visited eGameRevolution to explore the history of electronic games.

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