Guidelines for College and University Groups

In advance of visiting The Strong, college and university groups must file a Group Visit Request and submit a visit plan.

Upon arrival at the museum:

  • gather all members of the group before approaching the admissions desk
  • send only the lead instructor or person responsible for payment to the admissions desk
  • make one payment for the entire group
  • if the museum-approved plan includes a presentation by a staff member, ask to have that person notified that you have arrived

While in the exhibitions galleries:

  • complete the pre-approved activities in the time and locations allowed
  • observe play in general, but not specific museum guests or groups of guests
  • explore exhibit spaces, but please do not approach individual museum guests or groups
  • photograph exhibit elements, but do not photograph museum guests

Individuals and groups are subject to the rules and regulations of The Strong. The Strong reserves the right to expel from the premises any person or group, without refund, where the presence or conduct of the individual or group is deemed objectionable by The Strong in its sole discretion, or if the individual or group fails to comply with any and all security measures and applicable laws.