About the Authors

The following staff of The Strong are regular contributors to Play Stuff blog.

Chris Bensch is vice president for collections at The Strong. He oversees all collections and conservation activities of the museum and also serves as the primary spokesperson for the National Toy Hall of Fame.

Andrew Borman is digital games curator at The Strong. He coordinates the museum’s efforts related to digital preservation of electronic games.

Jon-Paul C. Dyson is vice president for exhibits and director of The Strong’s International Center for the History of Electronic Games (ICHEG). He oversees the development, construction, and maintenance of exhibits and leads the museum’s efforts to preserve and interpret the history of video games through ICHEG and the World Video Game Hall of Fame.

Hillary Ellis is director of conservation at The Strong. She performs and oversees conservation treatment of museum collections and works closely with the curatorial team to develop procedures for long-term artifact preservation.

Victoria Gray is collections manager for The Strong. She oversees artifact donor relations, incoming and outgoing loans, and recordkeeping for collection acquisitions.

Beth Merkle is director of libraries at The Strong where she oversees its Brian Sutton-Smith Library and Archives of Play and Grada Hopeman Gelser circulating library. Her responsibilities include advancing the libraries’ collections, services, and visibility.

Julia Novakovic is archivist for The Strong’s Brian Sutton-Smith Library and Archives of Play where she oversees the processes of archival arrangement, description, and preservation.

Michelle Parnett-Dwyer is curator at The Strong. She acquires and interprets a comprehensive collection of dolls and toys that range from alphabet blocks to mechanical toys.

Nic Ricketts is curator at The Strong. He acquires and interprets the museum’s non-electronic games, art, and paper ephemera such as photographs, postcards, sheet music, and advertising.

Jeremy K. Saucier is assistant vice president for interpretation and electronic games and editor of the American Journal of Play. Along with Jon-Paul C. Dyson, Saucier oversees efforts to preserve and interpret the history of electronic games, especially those related to arcade video games and pinball machines. He also leads the development of the museum’s online exhibits.

Tara Winner is librarian and cataloger for The Strong’s Brian Sutton-Smith Library and Archives of Play and is responsible for cataloging toy trade catalogs, computer and video game strategy guides, and electronic gaming magazines.

The complete Play Stuff blog archives also contain contributions from former museum staff, research fellows, and other scholars.