Museum News

Eva Nwokah
June 11, 2019

Eva Nwokah, recipient of the G. Rollie Adams Research Fellowship and professor at Our Lady of the Lake University, visits The Strong to examine how authors use words and images to create meaning for children. 

Aria Halliday
June 11, 2019

Aria Halliday, fellowship recipient and assistant professor at the University of New Hampshire, visits The Strong to explore the contributions of black women to popular culture. 

Peter Licari
June 11, 2019

Fellowship recipient Peter Licari, PhD candidate at the University of Florida, visits The Strong to research the influence of video games on political attitudes. 

World Video Game Hall of Fame Inductees Announced
May 2, 2019

The World Video Game Hall of Fame names the inductees for 2019: Colossal Cave Adventure, Microsoft Solitaire, Mortal Kombat, and Super Mario Kart.

Lella Gandini Visits The Strong
April 30, 2019

Lella Gandini (center), the United States Liaison for the Dissemination of the Reggio Emilia Approach, visits the museum with her husband, Lester Little (second from left). Pictured here with The Strong’s Steve Dubnik, Debbie McCoy, Andrew Grossman, Laurie Phelps, and Lisa Feinstein.

Margaret Woodbury Strong
April 29, 2019

In partnership with Google Arts & Culture, The Strong launches the online exhibit Margaret Woodbury Strong and the Making of The Strong National Museum of Play

Mysteries at the Museum
April 18, 2019

A recent episode of Travel Channel’s Mysteries at the Museum filmed at The Strong features Vice President for Collections Chris Bensch and the origin story of the Edison Talking Doll.  

Rochester Business Journal Financial Executive Award
April 5, 2019

The Rochester Business Journal names The Strong's Trudy Quartley, vice president for finance and facilities, as a finalist for Financial Executive of the Year. 

Archie Comics
March 27, 2019

Nancy Silberkleit (second from left), co-CEO of Archie Comic Publications, tours The Strong's collections with musem staff. 

2019 World Video Game Hall of Fame Finalists
March 21, 2019

The Strong’s World Video Game Hall of Fame names the 12 finalists for 2019: Candy Crush, Centipede, Colossal Cave Adventure, Dance Dance Revolution, Half-Life, Microsoft Windows Solitaire, Mortal Kombat, Myst, NBA 2K, Sid Meier’s Civilization, Super Mario Kart, and Super Smash Bros. Melee. 

Early Home Video Game History Online Exhibit Screenshot
March 6, 2019

The Strong and Google Arts & Culture launch the online exhibit Early Home Video Game History: Making Television Play  to explore the rise of home video gaming.

February 27, 2019

Ed Fries (third from left), one of the creators of the Microsoft Xbox, and his son, Xander (second from right), tour The Strong's video game collections with musuem staff.