Museum News

August 2014

The Strong loans toys and games representing 1950s Western popular culture to the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee for its The American Road exhibit.
Linda Lovejoy, Wegmans community relations manager, and Krystal Register, Wegmans division nutritionist for Virginia and Maryland, tour The Strong’s Wegmans Super Kids Market exhibit with the museum’s Lisa Feinstein and Debbie McCoy. (Pictured from right to left.)
Fellowship recipient Reem Hilu from Northwestern University visits The Strong to examine video games that focus on domestic settings and themes.
Fellowship recipient Evan Lauteria from the University of Calfornia at Davis visits The Strong to research the influence of Japanese culture on the global video game market in the late 1980s and early 1990s.
Natasha Crookes (second from left) and Roland Earl (second from right) of the British Toy and Hobby Association visit The Strong. Pictured here with The Strong’s Rollie Adams, Christopher Bensch, Lisa Feinstein, and Suzanne Seldes (from left to right).
Bruce Raiffe (right), president of Gund, Inc. at Enesco, tours The Strong with President and CEO Rollie Adams.
Jennifer deWinter from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts visits The Strong to research Shigeru Miyamoto, the prominent Japanese video game designer.

July 2014

John Gessert (left), president and chief executive officer of American Plastic Toys and current chairman of the Toy Industry Association Inc.’s board of directors, tours The Strong with Vice President for Collections Chris Bensch.
Fellowship recipient Marc-Niclas Heckner, doctoral student at the University of Michigan, visits The Strong to study the impact first-person-shooter video games about World War II have on perceptions of history.
John Romero—prominent game designer and developer best known as the co-creator of Doom—unveils a display in The Strong’s eGameRevolution exhibit which contains his original Apple II+ computer (used to design his first published game) and a design notebook.  
Fellowship recipient Carly Kocurek, assistant professor of digital humanities and media studies at Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, visits The Strong to conduct research for her book about the history of the video arcade.