Individual Donors and Upper Level Members

Visionary Donors

Mr.  David Burns and Mrs. Margaret Burns
Mr. Zeke Duda and Mrs. Jane Duda
Ms. Mary Valentine
Ms. Anne Williams

Presidential Members and Donors

Mr. Fred Aten and Ms. Cathy Kaman Ryan
Mr. Steve Dubnik and Mrs. Claire Dubnik
Mr. Aaron Newman and Ms. Michele Parsons

Leading Members and Donors

Dr. G. Rollie Adams and Mrs. Diana Adams
Mr. Bernard Birnbaum and Mrs. Lisa Birnbaum
Mr. Joe Boyd and Mrs. Rebecca Boyd
Mr. Dennis Buchan and Mrs. Mary Buchan
Mr. Todd Coopee and Mr. Daniel Leonard
Mr. Alexander Del Monte and Ms. Claire Del Monte
Dr. Eric Dreyfuss
Mrs. Roberta DuBeshter and Dr. Brent DuBeshter
Mrs. Joan Feinbloom
Ms. Lisa Feinstein and Mr. Dan Dangler
Mr. Patrick Fulford and Mrs. Barbara Fulford
Dr. Cecilia Golden
Mr. Anthony Gugino and Mr. Ernie Gugino
Bruce and Janice Hinman
Mrs. Susan Holliday and Mr. Chris Holliday 
Mr. Don Kollmorgen and Ms. Louise Woerner
Mrs. Pamela Marsocci and Dr. Steven Marsocci
Mr. Jeffrey Mattox and Ms. Helen Mattox
Mr. James Maurer and Mrs. Nona Maurer
Ms. Linda McGinley
Ms. Pam McGreevy
Mr. William Rice and Ms. Mary Ann Monley
Mrs. Laura Saxby Lynch and Mr. John Lynch
Mrs. Lisa Schnorr and Mr. Mark Schnorr
Dr. Fred Smith and Mrs. Jo Anne Smith
Mr. Matthew Tipple and Mrs. Julie Tipple
Mr. Jeff Valentine and Mrs. Jennifer Valentine
Mrs. Irene Weinberg
Dr. Joshua Weitz and Dr. Lesley Loss
Mrs. Mary Wilson
Mr. Mark Wilson and Mrs. Karen Wilson
Ms. Mee Wing and Mr. Jerry McSpadden

Sustaining Members and Donors

Mr. Michael Bargmann and Mrs. Susan Bargmann
Ms. Patricia Biasuzzi and Mr. John Biasuzzi
Mr. Richard Bloom
Mr. John Bruning and Mrs. Barbara Bruning
Mr. Neal Burns
Ms. Collene Burns and Mr. McLean Bulmer
Mr. Zach Burns and Ms. Sarah Wille
Ms. Lauren Burruto and Mr. Fred Burruto
Dr. Thomas Caprio and Mrs. Ann Caprio
Ms. Katherine Cove
Mrs. Linda Davey
Mr. Roland DeLardge and Mrs. Kim DeLardge
Mr. Alan Deuel and Mrs. Erin Deuel
Dr. Jorge Diaz-Herrera
Mr. G. Edward Duckett and Mrs. Katherine Duckett
Dr. Jerry Emmons and Mrs. Colleen Emmons
Mr. Paul England
Mrs. Margaret Freeman and Mr. Thomas Lennox
Mr. Michael Grosodonia and Mrs. Joanna Grosodonia
Mr. Jim Hanrahan
Mr. Christopher Harris and Ms. Christine Ferris
Mr. Walter B. D. Hickey
Mrs. Jeanne Hutchins
Dr. Roberta Johnson and Dr. W. Silver
Mr. John Kraushaar and Mrs. Barbara Kraushaar
David and Marie Langless
Ms. Larissa Loss
Mr. Dan Mahar and Mrs. Kiki Mahar
Dr. Kevin McDonald and Mrs. Kimberly McDonald
Mr. Ronald Mead
Mr. Zach Merritt and Mrs. Hannalore Merritt
Mrs. Misty Jo Neilson and Mr. Thomas Neilson
Mr. James Norman and Mrs. Lois Norman
Mrs. Barbara Noval and Mr. William Noval
Dr. Vivian Palladoro
Mr. Steve Pasierb and Mrs. Wendy Pasierb
Mr. Jake Pierson and Mrs. Kerry Pierson
Mr. Michael Pinch and Mrs. Karina Pinch
Mr. Jay Rachfal and Mrs. Peg Rachfal
Mr. Donald Riley and Mrs. Reva Riley
Mrs. Joy Ryen Plotnik and Dr. Ronald Plotnik
Mr. Harvey Simmons
Mrs. Deepika Singh and Mr. Jerome Jean-Gilles
Dr. Stephen Vega and Dr. Madelyn Garcia
Dr. Tab Whang and Mrs. Josephine Whang

Benefactor Members and Donors

Ms. Elizabeth Anderson
Mrs. Jenn Beideman and Mr. Craig Beideman
Mr. Joseph Briggs and Mrs. Nancy Briggs
Ms. Amy Castle
Ted Christopher and Nosa Be
Mr. Michael Cicero and Mrs. Stephanie Cicero
Ms. Elizabeth Coleman
Mr. Kevin Dickens and Mrs. Julie Dickens
Mr. Jordan Dixon and Mrs. Lindsey Dixon-Marianetti
Mr. Scott Ellsworth and Mrs. Jessica Ellsworth
Mr. C. Benn Forsyth and Mrs. Sarah Forsyth
Mr. Naftali Freedman and Mrs. Chana Freedman
Lok Yan Fung
Mrs. Sandra Goldman and Mr. David Goldman
Mr. Warren Heilbronner and Mrs. Joyce Heilbronner
Mr. Ryan Hughes and Mrs. Audra Webber
Dr. Sherrif Ibrahim and Mrs. Vanphen Ibrahim
Mrs. Julie Irey
Mr. Martin Jarzebowski and Ms. Mahta Mortezavi
Mrs. Jane Kitchen
Dr. Ernest Krug and Mrs. Sarah Krug
Mrs. Nicole Kruger and Mr. Steve Kruger
Mr. Thomas Krugh and Mrs. Rody Krugh
Mrs. Kathleen Landon and Mr. Robert Landon
Mr. Gerard Leva and Mrs. Susan Leva
Mr. John Lynd and Mrs. Judith Lynd
Mr. William Mackey and Mrs. Joan Mackey
Mrs. Katherine Markert and Mr. Adam Markert
Miss Danielle Mastromonico and Miss Sharyn Randall
Mr. Jeff McLelland and Mrs. Elizabeth McLelland
Dr. Edward Messing and Mrs. Susan Messing
Mr. John Mooney and Mrs. Jacqueline Mooney
Dr. Duncan Moore
Mr. William O'Connor
Mr. Martin O'Toole and Mrs. Brenda O'Toole
Ms. Dolores Parlato
Ms. Cassandra Peltzer and Mr. John Lewis
Mr. David Perlman and Mrs. Marjorie Perlman
Angelo and Danielle  Rosato
Ms. Rachel Rosen
Mrs. Suzanne Seldes and Mr. Jerry Seldes
Ms. Patti Sheldon in memory of Lynn Reynolds
Dr. Sidney Sobel and Mrs. Barbara Sobel
Mr. James Spitz and Mrs. Cheryl Spitz
Mr. Robert Sykes
Mr. Bill Towler and Mrs. Mary Anna Towler
Mr. William Tribelhorn
Mrs. Sylvia Watkins
Mr. Tom Zaso and Mrs. Maria Zaso
Ms. Meagan Zdep and Mr. Chris Zdep

Contributing Donors

Mr. Bruce Baker and Mrs. Margaret Baker
Ms. Katie Baldwin
Mr. Lon Belvin
Mr. Christopher Bensch
Mrs. Holly Bertsch
Ms. Suzanne Bianchi
Ms. Sue Border
Mr. Andrew Bosco and Mrs. Kara Bosco
Dr. George Browning and Mrs. Catherine Browning
Mr. John Carver and Mrs. Betsy Carver
Mr. David Ciurzynski and Mrs. Amy Ciurzynski
Ms. Janice Daitz and Mr. Robert Cutting
Mr. William Dalton and Ms. Kathleen Sisson
Ms. Claire Del Monte and Mr. Alexander Del Monte
Mr. John DeLuca and Mrs. Linda DeLuca
Mr. Robert Dobies and Mrs. Mo Dobies
Mr. Christophe Dorrer and Mrs. Jie Qiao
Mr. Derek Duncan
Mrs. Ellery Durnion and Mr. Jeremy Durnion
Dr. Stephen Dyson and Mrs. Pauline Dyson
Mrs. Barbara Eckert and Mr. Charles Eckert
Mrs. Joan Egan and Judge David Egan
Ms. Lisa Ellsworth
Ms. Carolyn Ettinger
Mr. R. Thomas Flynn and Mrs. Kate Flynn
Ms. Lella Gandini and Mr. Lester Little
Dr. Winston Gaum and Mrs. Helen Gaum
Dr. Ronald Gonzalez and Mrs. Tracey Gonzalez
Mr. Scott Graham and Ms. Kathryn Hamblin
Mrs. Crisandra Harrison and Mr. Bryan Harrison
Ms. Gretchen Helmke and Mr. Mitchell Sanders
Ms. Elisabeth Howard
Mr. Jeff Huang and Ms. Erin Brennan
Mr. Alex Jones and Mrs. Samantha Jones
Mr. Gregg Joss and Mrs. Linda Joss
Mr. Charles Karl
Mr. John Kinzer and Mrs. Robin Kinzer
Mr. David Krotz
Mrs. Jennifer Lake and Mr. Matthew Lake
Ms. Charis Lee and Mr. Robert Burke
Mr. Nelson Leenhouts
Mr. Brett Lemcke and Mrs. Denise Lemcke
Mr. James Maher
Ms. Deborah McCoy
Mr. Bruce McLear and Mrs. Eleanor McLear
Mr. Dave Miller and Mrs. Kit Miller
Ms. Deanne Molinari
Mr. Robert Myers and Mrs. Jill Myers
Mr. Richard Myers
Mrs. Beth Orlowski and Mr. Gregory Wood
Ms. Donna Prince and Ms. Coreena Carey
Ms. Tziporah Rosenberg and Mr. Albert Piterman
Mr. Gerald Saxton and Mrs. Lois Saxton
Mr. David Schwartz and Ms. Victoria Belniak
Dr. David Sharkey
Mr. Anthony Spada and Mrs. Nancy Spada
Mr. Donald Spieler and Mrs. Rachael Spieler
Mrs. Helena Spring and Mr. Mike Power
Mr. Michael Sullivan and Mrs. Gail Sullivan
Ms. Kathy Termine and Ms. Megan Termine
Ms. Athena Thomas-Visel and Dr. Paul Thomas
Mrs. Loralei Thornburg and Mr. Rob Thornburg
Ms. Lay Choo Yap and Mr. Elliott Hioe
Mrs. Kristin Youngs
Mr. Edward Zelazny and Mrs. Joanne Zelazny
Mr. Tom Ziegler and Mrs. Colleen Ziegler

Gifts in Honor of Dr. G. Rollie Adams

Association of Children's Museums
Autism Up
Mr. Christopher Bensch
The Bonadio Group
Brown & Brown of New York, Inc.
Common Ground Health
Mr. Steve M. Dubnik
Mr. Zeke Duda
Ms. Lisa M. Feinstein
Ms. Essie Germanow
Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce
Ms. Susan Holliday
HR Benefit Advisors
Indus Hospitality Group
Mr. Stephen Jacobs
Joseph A. Floreano Rochester Riverside Convention Center
M/E Engineering, P.C.
Ms. Deborah McCoy
Ms. Diane H. Olin
Ms. Trudy Quartley
Rochester Public Library
Schuler-Haas Electric Corp.
Mr. Fred W. Smith
Ms. Suzanne Seldes
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