Annual Appeal Donors

G. Rollie Adams, PhD
James Anderson
Maurin Anderson (Trustee) and Jeremy Haefner, PhD
Karen Bellini
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Betts
Dr. and Mrs. Eric Beyer
Dr. Vincent and Melissa Bissonette
Richard A. Bloom, M.D.
Dr. and Mrs. Philip Bonanni
Judy Braiman
Eric Bridle
Nancy and Joe. Briggs
Dr. and Mrs. George G. Browning
Adam Bump
David J. Burns (Trustee) and Margaret M. Burns
Mr. and Mrs. James Butler
Butler/Till Media Services
Dr. Thomas Caprio
Betsy and. John Carver
Kathleen Chapman and Frank Bermel
Alfred and Patricia A. Clark, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. William Coe
Thomas Cone and Karen Schmeelk-Cone
Timothy T. Conlon (Trustee)
Todd Coopee
Mr. and Mrs. Irving D. Crane
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Cregg
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Cupo
Janice Daitz
Linda W. Davey
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey DeVries
Diane and Stephen Olin Toy Fund
Christine and John Di Paola
Guido DiMatteo and Kirsa Upton
Jeff and Robin Donlon
Douglas Fowler Banner Making
Kristine Dreessen
Roberta DuBeshter (Trustee) and Brent DuBeshter, MD
Steve Dubnik (Trustee) and Claire Dubnik
Zeke Duda (Trustee) and Jane Duda
Paul Dumas and Kristen Piech-Dumas
Stephen and Pauline Dyson
Judge and Mrs. David E. Egan
Mr. and Mrs. George Ehresman
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Elder
Electronics & Innovation, LTD
Linda Ewart and Robert Ewart
Amy and Matthew Fallon
Sherman and Anne M Farnham
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Feinbloom
Lisa M. Feinstein
Shirley M. Ferris
Suzanne Ferris
Diane Foxknoll
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Frame
Kate Frank and Karen Eisele
Michael Frank and Heather Smith
Syreeta Gammariello and Nikea Be'Ans
Dr. and Mrs. Winston E. Gaum
Ms. Ann Marie Gerbracht and Mr. David Gerbracht
Bart P. Giaconia
Deborah G. Goldman
Wayne and Angelique Goodman
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Griebel
James Z. Guido
Rosemary Hall and Makia Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hamm
Tanya Haynesworth and Nikki Haynesworth
Walter B. D. Hickey, Jr.
Alicia Hoffman
Mr. and Mrs. George Hoffman
Matt Hogan and Rebecca Mervine
Mr. and Mrs. James Housler
Dr. Myles Howard and Dr. Amoge O’Konkewo
Gregory Huck
Dr. and Mrs. Ricardo Huerta-Andrade
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew W. Hughes
In honor of Dan and Lorna Stinebiser
The Hutchins Family Foundation
Ladi Iya
Melissa and Christopher Jacobs
Carolyn Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Johnson
Holly M. Jones
R. Peter and Theresa Kaub
Maxine Koberg
Don H. Kollmorgen (Trustee) and Louise Woerner
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Kozlowski
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Kraushaar
Joe and Amanda Krotz
Donna H. and David M. Lascell
Dr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Leone, Jr.
Harry and Barbara Lloyd
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Luedde
Laura Saxby Lynch (Trustee) and John Lynch
Mr. and Mrs. John Lynd
Kevin Lyons
Seth Madway
James M. Maher III
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Marsh
Richard A. Mathes and Catherine A. Homrig
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mattingly
Mr. and Mrs. James Maurer
Mrs Gilbert G. McCurdy
Linda McGinley, Ed.D. (Trustee)
Linda M. McGrain and Thomas H. Mandel
Bruce and Eleanor McLear
Jon and Sue McNally
Gary Meyers
Nancy H. Michel
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Mirrione
Ruth and Richard Myers
William W. Napier (Trustee) and Beth Ann Napier
Aaron C. Newman (Trustee)
Nannette Nocon and Karl Wessendorf
James H. Norman (Trustee) and Lois Norman
Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Ocon
Patrick J. O'Connor
Mr. and Mrs. Martin O’Toole
Rita B. Otterbein
Dr. Joseph Picca and Dr. Christina Picca
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pizzutiello
Joy Ryen Plotnik (Trustee) and Ron Plotnik, MD
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Poinan
David and Joanne P. Poland
Daniel and Sarah Goldstein Post
Mr. and Mrs. William Pusateri
Jack and Cynthia Quinn
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel J. Reeder
William D. Rice (Trustee) and Mary Ann Monley
Riedman Foundation
Donald J. Riley (Trustee) and Reva Riley
Robert and Jill Romberg
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Rosenfeld
Pamela Rosen
Linda Rubens
Gregory P. Sak
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Sale
Roger and Heather Sampson
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Saulsgiver
Gina Scalise
Jerrold and Suzanne Seldes
Mr. and Mrs. John Seniuk
Dr. David J. Sharkey
Michael Shoemaker and Debby Teska
Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Shumway, Jr.
Dr. Prince Singh and Dr. Roja Singh
Laurie Slocum
Fred W. Smith, PhD (Trustee) and Jo Anne Smith
Dr. and Mrs. Sidney Sobel
Mr. and Mrs. William K. Stumbo
The Robert and Catherine Sykes Foundation
James and Gretchen Taft
Matthew Tipple (Trustee) and Julie Tipple
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Tonovitz
William and Mary Anna Towler
John and Betty Travis
Mr. and Mrs. George Treier
Paul Tremblay and Jennifer West
William J. Tribelhorn
The Tricomi Family
Jeff Valentine (Trustee) and Jennifer Valentine
Mary Valentine and Andrew Cosman
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Van Allen
Mr. and Mrs. David Van DerLinden
John E. Van de Wetering, PhD (Trustee) and Maxine Van de Wetering
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Weinstein
Dr. Kevin Welch
The Westport Fund
Jillian, Andrew and Zared Wexler
Mr. and Mrs. W. James Whelan
Margie and Mike Whitmarsh
Linda Williams
Mary and Elizabeth Wilson
Mee F. Wing (Trustee) and Jerry McSpadden
Gregory Wood and Beth Orlowski
Ms. Cosette Worden
Mr. and Mrs. Luke Wright
Anonymous (5)
Gifts 1/1/13 through 12/31/13