Artifact Donors

Eric Abate in Memory of Salvatore Abate
David Ahl, Creative Computing
Ron and Karen Arthur in Loving Memory of Ruth K. Baum
Glen Bayer
Andrew Berton
Judy Lu Bittenbender in Memory of Donnell J. Bittenbender
Wing Bow and Justin Landon
Kyle K. Boyd in Memory of Scott Spencer Boyd
Pamela (Trisket) Brimmer
Bill Budge
Buffalo History Museum
Robert G. Burgio
Barry and Bryan Bushart in Memory of Beverly Bushart
Antoinette Bushlack
James J. Caffrey
Ron Callari
Newton and Thelma Carroll
Robert and Carolyn Carroll
Phil Chmielewski
Bob Collins and Family
Lynella Cordell in Memory of Gerald and Catherine Cordell
Andrew Cosman and Mary Valentine
Kathy Daniels and Roberto Payan
Richard and Linda Dinino
George Doomany in Memory of Mary Doomany
Diane Dorman
David S. Dow
Faber-Castell USA, Inc.
Lee F. Frank II and Sally Healy Frank
Jan Gallucci and Patrick Guthinger
Cynthia and David Gilbert in Honor of Kate and Jenny
Margaret and Gilbert Gimbel
Marcia and David Gitelman
Victoria Gray
Greg Hyman Associates
Marshall and Joan Handfield in Memory of Joseph E. Handfield Louise B. Harris
John and Mary Heaney in Memory of Marion J. Heaney
Dick and Jocelyn Herbison in Memory of Ruth Herbison
Leonard Herman
Mitch and Mike Hetko
Anne S. Hotra
Linda A. Hughes in Honor of Brian Sutton-Smith
Carolyn Jabs
Laura and Sheila Jackett
Robin Jacobson in Memory of Her Mother, Evelyn Monson Bloom, Born in Rochester, New York, in 1912
The Jefferies family in Memory of Nora Southgate
Pitch Johnson and the Johnson Family Trust
William and Wendy Jones
Karl S. Kabelac
Gloria Kaplan
William and Barbara Kelly
Seth and Alexia Kempe
Douglas Killion in Memory of Charles and Charlotte Killion
Gift in Memory of Mary Elizabeth and Edith Knight
John Laschenski
Gerald Lindstrom in Memory of DonnaJo Lindstrom
Edward Lebowitz
JoEllen Meath in Memory of Cecelia Brauner Kihl
Michigan Tech Archives
Helen Miller
Roxie Wood Mitchell
Andrew Molloy
Neal Morchower and Lisa Vangellow
Michael Morris
Alan H. Mueller
Braden Newsome
Philip E. Orbanes
Lydia Palmer
Charles and Erica Paradis
Garth Parker, Andrea Bolton, and Kellan Parker
Michelle Parnett
Sandy Passamonte
John Pearsall
Mary-Ellen Earl Perry
Playstation Museum
Edward P. Rosenberg
Leigh Rubin
Laura J. Sadowski
Barbara Heric Sandman
Bernard and Norine Selby
Richard W. Sherin
Matt Sherman
Frederick E. Shroyer
Sandra Shutt
The Sordi Family
Kyler Stone
Brian Sutton-Smith
The Swartzfager Family
Michael and Shannon Symonds
Marty Terenzi
Patricia Thorne in Memory of Her Grandfather, Albion Parris Thorne
William Tribelhorn
Ellen Tsagaris in Memory of Clara A. Tsagaris
Paula A. Weinert
Guy Welch
Anne D. Williams
James Wilson and Lynne Poirier-Wilson
Winning Moves Games on Behalf of David Moffat Enterprises
Winning Moves, Inc.