Annual Appeal Donors

Tom and Carolyn Argust
Mr. Hector Arroyo and Mrs. Amy Arroyo
Mr. and Mrs. Jeb Baxter
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Beilfuss
Ms. Karen Bellini
Joanne Bernardi and Dale Buralli
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Betts
Dr. and Mrs. Eric Beyer
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bielewicz
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bifulco
Richard A. Bloom, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Philip Bonanni
Mr. Giulio Bosco and Ms. Renee Bosco
Dr. John Robert Bosco and Ms. Diane S. Bosco
James Boyle
Mrs. Judy Braiman
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Briggs
Dr. and Mrs. George G. Browning
Mr. and Mrs. Jaret Brzezniak
Mrs. Lauren Butenko and Mr. Stefan Butenko
Julie and William Capossere
Dr. Thomas Caprio
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cardinale
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Carver
Ms. Kathleen Chapman and Mr. Frank Bermel
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Chiantera
Mr. Alfred Clark, Jr. and Mrs. Patricia A. Clark
Mr. Robert Cole and Ms. Pam Viggiani
Helen Coles
    in memory of Morgan Rose Coles
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Culbert
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Cupo
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Czajkowski
Mr. and Mrs. Barton Dambra
Mrs. Linda W. Davey
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey DeVries
The Di Paola Family
Mr. and Mrs. Joe DiBattisto
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Dimpfl
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Dinaburg
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Donlon
Stephen L. Dyson and Pauline V. Dyson
Judge and Mrs. David E. Egan
Mr. and Mrs. George Ehresman
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Elder
Electronics & Innovation, LTD
Mrs. Linda Ewart and Mr. Robert Ewart
Anne and Sherman Farnham, Jr.
Mrs. Shirley M. Ferris
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Foley
Mrs. Gail Fowler
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Frame
Ms. Kate Frank and Ms. Karen Eisele
Madison Friedlander
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fuller II
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Funk
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Gagliano
Mrs. Syreeta Gammariello and Ms. Nikea Be'Ans
Dr. Winston E. Gaum
Ms. Ann Marie Gerbracht and Mr. David Gerbracht
Sandy Embury Gianniny
Mr. and Mrs. James Guido
Mr. Christopher Harris and Ms. Christine Ferris
Mr. Albert Herson
Walter B. D. Hickey, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Higbee
Debie Himmelsbach
Mr. and Mrs. George Hoffman
Mr. Matt Hogan and Ms. Rebecca Mervine
Mr. and Mrs. James Housler
Mr. Gregory Huck
Dr. and Mrs. Ricardo Huerta-Andrade
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew W. Hughes
In honor of Dan and Lorna Stinebiser
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Hursh
Frank M. and Jeanne B. Hutchins
Ms. Melissa Jacobs and Mr. Christopher Jacobs
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Johnson
Mr. R. Peter Kaub and Mrs. Theresa Kaub
Nancy Rae and Larry Kinard
Ms. Rose-Marie Klipstein
Ms. Phyllis Knight
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Kraushaar
Mr. and Mrs. Doug LaClair
Ms. Peg Lemcke
Dr. Heather Link and Dr. Kevan Sternberg
Harry and Barbara Lloyd
Mr. Bob Logan and Mrs. Liz Logan
Mr. and Mrs. B. G. Staffan Lundback
Mr. and Mrs. John Lynd
Mr. Kevin Lyons
Seth Madway
James M. Maher III
Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Marques
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Marsh
Mr. Richard A. Mathes and Mrs. Catherine A. Homrig
Mr. and Mrs. James Maurer
Mr. and Mrs. Justin Mayer
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph McCarthy
Mrs Gilbert G. McCurdy
Laurel McNall and Tim Muck
Mr. and Mrs. Jon McNally
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Meyers
Nancy H. Michel
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Mirrione
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Mitchell
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Monte, Jr.
Dr. Duncan Moore
Mr. James C. Moore
Mr. Garret Morris and Mrs. Anna Kaminski
Mrs. William B. Morse
Raymond G. Mulvehill, Sr.
Mrs. Judith Nestlen
Dr. Anne Nofziger and Dr. Alec O'Connor
Patrick J. O'Connor
Ms. Rita B. Otterbein
Parks Family
Ms. Rebecca H. Patton and Mrs. Mary Hillyard
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Pepe
Dr. Joseph Picca and Dr. Christina Picca
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pizzutiello
Daniel and Bethany Prokupets
Mr. and Mrs. William Pusateri
Jack and Cindy Quinn
Ms. Jane Reid
Riedman Foundation
Robert and Jill Romberg
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Rosenfeld
Pamela Rosen
Philip G. and Ettie Rubenstein
Mrs. Elizabeth Salamone and Mr. Frank Salamone
Susan Salmon and SUNY Geneseo School of Education
Suzanne and Jerry Seldes
Dr. David J. Sharkey
Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Shumway, Jr.
Mrs. Niru Singhai and Mr. Mathew Abraham
Mrs. Laurie Slocum and Ms. Nikki Slocum
Eleanor D. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Spike
Ms. Mollie Steele and Ms. Martha Wilson
Mr. Jerry Sussina
Mr. Robert F. Sykes
Mr. and Mrs. James Taft
Mr. and Mrs. William Towler
John and Betty Travis Mr. and Mrs. George Treier
Mr. Paul Tremblay and Ms. Jennifer West
William J. Tribelhorn
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Tricomi
Mr. and Mrs. David Van DerLinden
Larry Weingartner
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Weinstein
Dr. Kevin Welch
Mr. and Mrs. W. James Whelan
The Westport Fund
Ms. Linda Williams
Mrs. Mary Wilson and Ms. Elizabeth Wilson
Mrs. Catharine J. Wise
Ms. Cosette Worden
Rosanne M. Young
Anonymous (7)
Gifts 2/1/12 through 1/31/13