Artifact Donors

Eric Abate in Memory of Salvatore Abate
Herbert C. Acree
Amy Kristina Adams
Sara Ann Adams
Joseph D. Andrews in Memory of His Father, Joseph V. Andrews
Barbara M. Archer
Ron and Karen Arthur in Loving Memory of Ruth K. Baum
Mimi Bacilek in Honor of Ebba Carlson
Terry and Laurie Baker
Barbara Bank in Honor of the Spall Family
Lisa C. Bartlett
Rochelle Bayne
Nicholas Belle
Melvin Bennett
Christopher Bensch
Joel Billings
BrickStix LLC
Bill Budge
John W. (Burgy) Burgeson
Joan L. Burdge and Laura Ingraham
Robert G. Burgio
James A. Cameron III
Cynthia Caputo in Memory of Ryan Matthew Ippolito
J. David Carlson
Paul Carlson
Brent Caunt
Lisa Clark
Stephan and Mary Clarke
Bob Collins and Family
Carol Colombo
Julie Rowe Cooke
Andrew Cosman and Mary Valentine
William Cronon
Kay Deel
Patricia Musshafen Dillon
Jeffrey and Christine DiOrio
Scott and Christine Eberle
Richard Ellis in Memory of Bernard T. Ellis, Jr.
eTek Labs
The Phillip J. Falise Family
Theresa Fletcher
Jennifer Giambrone
Kevin Gifford
The Family of Ermin and Veronica Gradwohl
Victoria Gray
John Hall
Louise B. Harris
Harvest Time Partners, Inc.
Hasbro, Inc.
Charles Heller
Her Interactive
Patricia Hogan
Christopher Holmes
Peter and Lynda Hotra
Beverly Doomany Hrab in Memory of Mary Doomany
Robin J. Jacobson in Memory of Her Mother, Evelyn N. Monson Bloom, Born in Rochester, New York, in 1912
Bonnie Janelle
Stephen and Jill Janowski
Warner W. Johnston and Virginia L. Dyson
Rita P. Kuder
Monte Lavine in Memory of His Dad, Alfred Lavine
Peter Lemcke
The Luginbill Family in Memory of Bob and Mary Luginbill
Lund and Company Invention, LLC
David Marra
John and Jacqueline Mayne in Honor of Their Son, Douglas W. Mayne, an Architect in Connecticut
The McCarthy Family
JoEllen Meath in Memory of Cecelia Brauner Kihl
The Richard and Judith Miller Family
Doris Neilson in Memory of Peter G. "Pete" Neilson
Suzanne Brystal Nielsen in Honor of Brent Michael and Crystal Lynn Gramkee
Suzanne Brystal Nielsen in Honor of Dorothea Elizabeth Nielsen
Diane Olin in Memory of Stephen Olin
Jeanette and Rusty Olson
Philip E. Orbanes
David Orlowski
Kurt Overhiser
Woody Packard
Kathy and Kelly Parlin in Honor of the Daniel Swerko Family
John Pearsall
Sylvia A. Pedrick
A. D. Pellegrini
The Perfetti Family
Vera S. Powley
Stephen and Dorothy Reed in Honor of Shannon Symonds
Robert Ross Rees, Jr., Inventor
Victor G. Reiling
Steven and Debra Renner
MaryAnn and Robert Ricker
Edward P. Rosenberg
Adam, Alex, and Austin Rudnick
Laura J. Sadowski
Marty and Rosanne Salata
Charles Schaible
Donna Nedlik Schell and Melissa Schell Adkins
Alyssa Seldes
Kyle R. Sherin
Richard W. Sherin
The Shroyer Boys
Florence Smith
James and Adele Stockmaster
Lois Greene Stone
Susan B. Strange in Memory of Henry A. Bonynge, MD
The Sue-Ann Genet Costume Collection
Sunnking, Inc.
Michael Thomasson
David B. Tischler
William Tribelhorn
Tony and Rhonda Van
Mary Ellen Walkowicz
Joe Wallis
Mary Lou Babcock Warner
L. David Webb
Guy William Welch
William Welsh
Westville Historical Organization
Lucette and Harold White
Winning Moves, Inc.
Winning Moves UK
Will Wright
Alice Wu in Honor of Jane Kuo
Margaret Zanghi in Memory of Magdalena Lahm Belanger