Annual Appeal Donors

Mr. Robb Adams and Mrs. Nancy Adams
Dr. Dennis Asselin and
Dr. Barbara Asselin
Tom and Carolyn Argust
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Beilfuss
Joanne Bernardi and Dale Buralli
Mr. Robert H. Berry and Mrs. Cecilia A. Berry
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Betts
Dr. and Mrs. Eric Beyer
Mr. and Mrs. A. Leonard Bloch
Richard A. Bloom, MD
Jesse Bovard
Mr. James Boyle and Mrs. Barbara Boyle
Mrs. Judy Braiman
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Briggs
Mr. and Mrs. Rollin Brown
Dr. and Mrs. George G. Browning
Mr. Mike Butwid and Mrs. Sharyn Butwid
Mr. Ronald Cambisi and Mrs. Charlene Cambisi
Mr. and Mrs. John Cavaleri
Mr. and Mrs. Karl Cedarleaf
Mr. Alfred Clark, Jr. and Mrs. Patricia A. Clark
Gary Cohen and Pam Rosen
Susan Collie
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Cordaro
Dr. Russell Cranston
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Curwin
Mr. and Mrs. Russ Dack
Mrs. Lorna DeCarolis and Mr. Brian DeCarolis
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey DeVries
The DiPaola Family
Mr. Guido DiMatteo and Ms. Kirsa Upton
Mrs. Robin Donlon and Mr. Jeff Donlon
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Dougherty
Dr. Eric M. Dreyfuss
Dr. Stephen Dyson and Mrs. Pauline Dyson
Joan K. Egan
Dr. Robert J. Ellison
Mrs. Linda Ewart and Mr. Robert Ewart
Anne and Sherman Farnham, Jr.
Mrs. Shirley M. Ferris
Mr. and Mrs. Harold S. Feinbloom
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Foisy
Janet P. Forbes
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Frame
Nadine Friedlander
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fuller, II
Nancy Gardner
Mr. John George and Mrs. Lynn George
Mr. Bart Giaconia and Mrs. Nancy Giaconia
Ms. Linda Grant
Mr. and Mrs. James Guido
Mrs. Margaret Harrington
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Hoff
Ms. Ellen Hoffmann
Mr. David J. Hudzinski and Mrs. Amy Hudzinski
Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Hutchins
Ms. Melissa Jacobs and Mr. Christopher Jacobs
Patrick and Elizabeth Kinney
Susan Kinney
Jack and Barbara Kraushaar
Ms. Donna H. Lascell and Mr. David M. Lascell
Dr. Jerome LaRosa and Mrs. Kristi Riddle-LaRosa
Sheila Lecce
Ms. Peg Lemcke
Dr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Leone, Jr.
Mr. Kevin Lyons
Mr. and Mrs. Steven K. Mahar
Mr. and Mrs. Len Maracle
Mrs. Katherine B. McCurdy
Suzanne Meyerowitz
Dr. Joseph M. Miano
Mrs. Nancy Michel
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Mirrione
Mr. James C. Moore
Mrs. Ruth Myers and Mr. Richard Myers
Mrs. Judith Nestlen
Patrick J. O'Connor
Beth Orlowski
Laura Osterhout
Mr. and Mrs. Martin O’Toole
Rita B. Otterbein
Dwight M. Palmer
Mr. and Mrs. Leo Pita
Mr. and Mrs. William Pusateri
Mrs. Paula Reckess and Mr. Azzy Reckess
Riedman Foundation
Mrs. Elizabeth Salamone and Mr. Frank Salamone
Dr. William F. Salminen and Mrs. Carol Salminen
Susan Salmon and SUNY Geneseo School of Education
Suzanne and Jerry Seldes
Dr. David J. Sharkey
Mrs. Eleanor D. Smith
Tristram Smith
Jonathan Snyder
Mrs. Theodore B. Steinhausen
Ms. Marylou Stracke
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Sykes
Dr. Stephanie Townsend and Mr. Bernard Ricca
Mr. and Mrs. John Travis
Mr. William J. Tribelhorn
Al and Karen Tricomi
Chad and Christine Wadkins
Mr. Robert Luke Walker and Mrs. Jan M. Walker
Mr. Tom Wannamaker and Mrs. Joni Gruelle Wannamaker
Westport Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Whitcomb
Helen P. Wiley
Ms. Linda Williams
Mrs. Wilson’s First Grade Class
    in Memory of Louise Lionti
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Wood
    in Honor of Laura Wood
Alan Ziegler and Emily Neece
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Zwas

This list reflects gifts made between January 1, 2011 and January 31, 2012.