Annual Appeal Donors

Mr. and Mrs. James Agostinelli
Elizabeth Ahearne
Patrick and Amy Ahern
Mr. and Mrs. Tyrone Allison
Dennis and Barbara Asselin
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Aymerich
Joanne Bernardi and Dale Buralli
Allan and Jean Berry
Dr. and Mrs. Eric Beyer
Stephen Bird and Mary O'Connell
Mr. Vincent Bissonette and Ms. Melissa Bissonette
Blair Family
Mrs. Peter Blauvelt
Richard A. Bloom, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Philip Bonanni
Mr. and Kevin Braid
Mr. Martin Brett and Mrs. Elizabeth Brett
Nancy and Joe Briggs
Mr. and Mrs. James Canary, Jr.
Dr. Steven Cannady and Mrs. Gina Cannady
Betsy and John Carver
Mr. and Mrs. Karl Cedarleaf
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Cieslinski
Mr. Alfred Clark, Jr. and
Mrs. Patricia A. Clark
Gary Cohen and Pam Rosen
Ralph and Doris Cordaro
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Cupo
Mrs. Janice Daitz
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Dallo
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Deni
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Dillingham
Christine and John Di Paola
Mr. Mike Donahue and Mrs. Lynn Donahue
Mr. Jeff Donlon
Joseph and Nienke Dosa
Dr. Eric M. Dreyfuss
Mrs. Kristen Duckles
Stephen L. Dyson
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Elder
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Ellison, III
ESL Federal Credit Union
Anne and Sherman Farnham, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Harold S. Feinbloom
Mr. and Mrs. William Finnerty
Ms. Gloria Fletcher
Mrs. Janet P. Forbes
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fuller, II
Winston E. Gaum, M.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Matt Gaynor
    in Honor of Melinda Tompkins
    and Mike Mariani
Jennifer and Robert Gelb
Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. Gianniny
Gary Goldwater
Mr. Kenneth Gould and Mrs. Beverly Gould
Ms. Linda Grant
Mr. and Mrs. James Guido
Mr. and Mrs. Clark Hastings
Mr. and Mrs. Warren H. Heilbronner
Mrs. Barbara Heinle
Michael J. Hilton
Ellen Hoffmann
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Horne
Mr. David J. Hudzinski and Mrs. Amy M. Hudzinski
Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Hutchins
Mr. and Mrs. Jake Jacolick
Dr. and Mrs. Frederick Jefferson
Cathleen R. and Earl F. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kijowski
Larry and Nancy Rae Kinard
Debby and Elliott Landsman
Dr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Leone, Jr.
Virginia Litle
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Lloyd
Suzanne Lorz
Charles Lusignan and Susan Chekow Lusignan
Mr. and Mrs. James Maher, III
Carlos and Sarah Marques
Kimberley Martello
Mr. and Mrs. Drew Marton
Mr. and Mrs. James Maurer
Mrs Gilbert G. McCurdy
Ken and Rachel McDowell
Ms. Carol McKenna and Mr. Matthew Belanger
Mrs. Martha McVay
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Mendel
Mr. Geoffrey Meyer
Ms. Suzanne Meyerowitz
    in Honor of Maggie Freeman
    and Tom Lennox
Nancy H. Michel
Beverly A. Miller
Sean and Jennifer Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Mirrione
Mr. and Mrs. William Mitchell
Dr. Duncan Moore
James C. Moore
Joy and Arthur J. Moss
Dr. James Murray and Dr. Elizabeth Murray
Mrs. Ruth Myers and Mr. Richard Myers
Mrs. Melvin B. Neisner
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Nunn
Peter J. Obourn and Linda W. Obourn
Patrick J. O'Connor
Mr. and Mrs. Martin O'Toole
Rita B. Otterbein
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin P. Parks
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Paulus
Dr. Joseph Picca and Dr. Christina Picca
Dr. Anthony R. Pisani and Mrs. Amy Pisani
Colby and Greg Previte
Daniel and Bethany Prokupets
Mr. and Mrs. Saulbert Rasnick
Ms. Swanda Reddington
John R. Riedman
Mr. and Mrs. Douglass Rosenzweig
Mrs. Ileen N. Sadowski
Laura J. Sadowski
Abebe Sallewu and Atsede Ayele
Susan Salmon and SUNY Geneseo, School of Education
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Schultz
Suzanne and Jerry Seldes
Tracey and Chad Seymour
Mr. and Mrs. Frank R. Shumway, Jr.
Eleanor D. Smith
Dr. Tristram Smith
Rev. and Mrs. Alden H. Snell
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Southcott
Barbara J. Spitzer
Mrs. Catherine D. Steffen and Mr. Arthur H. Steffen, Jr.
Frank and Mary Lou Stotz
Ms. Marylou Stracke
Mr. Edward Tanner and Mrs. Elizabeth Treiber
Patti Teeter
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Thayer
Ms. Jessica A Ticconi and Mr. Lester Bailey
Mr. William Towler and Mrs. MaryAnna Towler
John and Betty Travis
Albert and Karen Tricomi
John and Marilyn Tripp
Mr. and Mrs. Chad Wadkins
The Westport Fund
Larry Weingartner and Paula Mackowiak
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Wheat
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Whitbeck III
Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Whitbeck, IV
Ms. Helen Wiley
Ms. Rachel Wolfanger
The Wood Family
Rosanne M. Young
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Zielke
Anonymous (3)