Artifact Donors

Mark and Dawn Adams
Advent House
Pauline Ashley in Memory of Edith Hotchkiss Ditzel
The Babigian Family
Ralph H. Baer
Christopher Bensch
Peter Bilous
Stuart and Nancy Bolger
Fred Armstrong and Brice Bowerman
Paul W. Brayer
Peggy Brown
Warren Buckleitner
The children of Dan Bunten
Steve Capps
Carolyn J. Carroll
Louis Castle
Cepia LLC
John Ching
Russell and Roberta Chitwood
Bob and Faye Cole
Laura Waters Connard
Lisa M. Cooper
Jack Degnan
Disney Interactive Media Group
Thomas Donelan
Dana K. Dula (Grandma Dana)
Jon-Paul and Ursula Dyson
Phil Falone
Lisa C. Francescone in Memory of her niece, Grace Ann Holliday
Ed Fries
Darlene Gengelbach
Steve and Shelly Giczkowski
Ben Gonyo
Glenn and Suzanne Groff
Ira, Stephanie, Allison, Ryan, and Marc Grosser
Marilyn Quinn Hamilton
The Heimback Family
Margaret and Robert Huller
Greg Hyman, Greg Hyman Associates
Jeffrey A. Jackelen
Blanche E. Judd
Karl S. Kabelac
Mary Kelley
Sylvanna LaDelfa
Ann Lindner in Memory of Kenny Lindner
Thomas and Dale Lennox
Kent Macafee in Memory of Dana John (Jack) Macafee
Michael W. and Christina Malerk
Ed McConville
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert J.C. McCurdy
Mary Ann McGavisk
Mike Melanson
Steven Meretzky
The Family of Patricia M. Morse
Alan H. Mueller
Vincent Smith Murray
National Carousel Association
Tim Nichols
Diane Olin in Memory of Steve Olin
Randi and Doug Olin in Memory of Stephen Olin
Greg and Deborah Osterberg
John Ousley
Vivian Gussin Paley
Penny Arcade
People & Video Games
Douglas and Diana Phillips
George Pins
Noah Pisaturo in Honor of all that is magical in children at play
The PlayStation Museum
David Popielarz
Jennifer Lynn Pouliot and Katlynn Ann Sobolewski in Honor of Richard and Sharon Pouliot
James Prez
Bryan and Nicole Pudlo
Mark Alan Raymond
Beverley F. Reeves
Nicolas Ricketts
David Ridley of Denver, Colorado and Jennifer Mabardy of Acton,
Massachusetts in memory of their parents, John T. Ridley and
Anne H. Ridley, of Acton, Massachusetts
RJR Communications
Diane Rogers in memory of H. Don Rogers
George Rondash
Amy Rosenfeld
Kathy and Bill Russo
Laura J. Sadowski
Madeline Hubbard Schmitt in Memory of Joan Perna
Richard W. and Janet M. Sherin
Frederick E. Shroyer
Lauren Sodano
Ken Sons of Ken Sons Films and Tim Walsh of The Playmakers
Phillips Stevens, Jr., PhD
The St. George Family
Edward B. Stockham in Memory of Paul Sefing
Lois Greene Stone
Betty Stoutenberg
Michael and Shannon Symonds
The Marianne Szymanski Toy Tips Institute
Ginny Tette-Pizzarello
William J. Tribelhorn
The Villard Family for the advancement of the study of play
Tara Winner
Will and Kim Wright
Cindy and Everett Yates
Deborah and Allen Zaretsky
Richard E. Zicari