Annual Appeal Donors

Jeffrey Alexis and Christine Hay
Dennis and Barbara Asselin
Steven and Susan Aurand
Ms. Mary Barnum
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Beilfuss
Joanne Bernardi and Dale Buralli
Terry and Lora Bernat
Mr. Allan Berry and Mrs. Jean Berry
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Betts
Dr. and Mrs. Eric Beyer
Ruth Binazeski
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Binnert
Mrs. Peter Blauvelt
Mr. and Mrs. A. Leonard Bloch
Richard A. Bloom
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Boland
Dr. and Mrs. Philip Bonanni
Mr. Lawrence Bonk and Ms. Judith Weaver
James and Barbara Boyle
Mr. Martin Brett and Mrs. Elizabeth Brett
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Briggs                 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard I. Burton
Mr. and Mrs. Alan L. Cameros
Mr. Anthony Campagna and Mrs. Marilyn Campagna
Mr. and Mrs. James Canary, Jr.
Betsy and John Carver
Lisa Christensen
Mr. Donald Cleaver and Mrs. Patricia Cleaver
Mr. Gary Cohen and Ms. Pam Rosen
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Cordaro
Mr. Brian Covert and Mrs. Virginia Covert
Mr. and Mrs. Barton Dambra
Linda W. Davey
Ms. Deborah Dechau
Mr. Aaron Deever and Ms. Susannah Buhman-Deever
Diane and Ed Denning
Mrs. Robin Donlon and Mr. Jeff Donlon
Dr. Eric M. Dreyfuss
Mr. Paul Dumas and Mrs. Kristen Piech-Dumas
Stephen and Pauline Dyson
David and Joan Egan
Ms. Linda Ewart
Sherman and Anne M. Farnham
Mr. and Mrs. Harold S. Feinbloom
Mrs. Shirley M. Ferris
Mr. Lee J. Fleckenstein and Mrs. Joan Fleckenstein
Mr. James Flynn and Mrs. Christine Flynn
Ms. Ann Forbes
Mr. Brian Fox and Mrs. Kathy Fox
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fuller II
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Funk
Ms. Nancy Gardner
Sharon Garelick
Gail and Winston Gaum
Mr. and Mrs. Matt Gaynor
    in Honor of Emily Phillips
    and Adrienne Ripley
Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. Gianniny
Mr. Tony Godfrey and Ms. Virginia Litle
Mr. David L Gosper and Mrs. Sharon B Gosper
Mr. Robert L. Gosper
Ms. Barbara J. Granite
Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Griswold
Mr. Ralph Gullace and Mrs. Jan Gullace
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hance
Mr. and Mrs. Terry E. Hartmann
Mr. and Mrs. Warren H. Heilbronner
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Heller
Walter B. D. Hickey, Jr.
Martha L. Hieber
Barbara W. Higgins
Wayne and Fran Hill
John R. Hoff
Ms. Ellen Hoffmann
Joan Hoffman
Mr. Richard Holland and Mrs. Barbara Holland
Ms. Dorothy Holmes
Ms. Amy Hood
Horne Family in Honor of Amanda DeYager
Cynthia and William Hosley
Mrs. Patricia Hough and Mr. David Hough
Willie Humphrey
Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Hutchins
ICS Telecom, Inc.
Dr. Carolyn Jacobs
Mr. and Mrs. Jake Jacolick
Mr. John Jenkins
Earl and Cathleen Johnson
Thomas and Louise Kanaley
Mr. and Mrs. Zahi Kassas
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Keene
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Keily
Larry and Nancy Rae Kinard
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Kitchen
Rose-Marie Klipstein                
Ms. Carol R. Knapp
Jack and Barbara Kraushaar
Ms. Sharon Lake
Dr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Leone, Jr.
Ms. Mary Mapes
Arwen Marlette
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Marsh
Mr. Richard A. Mathes and Mrs. Catherine A. Homrig
Mr. and Mrs. Stan McCormack
Mrs Gilbert G. McCurdy
Ken and Rachel McDowell
Mrs. Julie Mersdorf and Mr. Jason Mersdorf
Mr. Geoffrey Meyer
Robert and Dawn Minemier
Bill and Carrie Mitchell
James and Shirley Moore
Eleanor E. Morris
Mrs. William B. Morse
Joy and Arthur J. Moss
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond G. Mulvehill, Sr.
Mrs. Emily Neece and Mr. Alan Ziegler
Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Nerone
Mrs. Judith Nestlen
Linda and Peter Obourn
Patrick J. O'Connor
Beth Orlowski
Mr. and Mrs. Martin O'Toole
Mrs. Susan Owens
Mr. and Mrs. Dwight M. Palmer
Mr. and Mrs. Lenny Pellegrino
Mr. Karl Postler and Mrs. Julia Postler
Gregory and Colby Previte
Karen and Don Pryor
Mr. and Mrs. William Pusateri
Mrs. Cindy Quinn
William and Patricia Rahn
Mr. James G. Reed
Barbara Reifler
Mrs. Marianne Reilly
Riedman Foundation
Dr. Ashok Robin and Dr. Raffaella Borasi
Bob and Bonnie Rochelle
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Rosenfeld
Mrs. Allison Royer
Mr. Scott Ryan and Mrs. Wendy White-Ryan
Dr. and Mrs. Frank Salamone
Ms. Susan Salmon and SUNY Geneseo, School of Education Students
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Samuels
Mr. William Sauers and Mrs. Susan Sauers
Mr. Eric R. Schiener and Mrs. Tiffany H. Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Schmitt
Suzanne and Jerry Seldes
Dr. David J. Sharkey
Jane and Frank Shuffelton
Frank and Shirley Shumway
Dr. Tristram Smith
David and Cindy Snyder
Catherine and Arthur H. Steffen
Mrs. Maria Stubing
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Sykes
Joseph and Leah Talbot
Ms. Ann Termin
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Titus, Jr.
Mr. William Towler and Mrs. MaryAnna Towler
John and Betty Travis
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Tricomi
Mr. and Mrs. John Tripp
Mrs. Helen S. Trussell
Mrs. Ruth VanDerLinden
Jan Vesper
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Vitticore
Noella Wainwright
John and Elizabeth Wallace
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Weinstein
Dr. and Mrs. Donn Wells
The Westport Fund
Mr. Chris Wheeler and Mrs. Kelley Wheeler
Mrs. Suzanne Wheeler
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest C. Whitbeck III
Frank and Carter Williams
Louis S. & Molly B. Wolk Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Zyra