Artifact Donors

Floyd Appel
Fred Armstrong and Brice Bowerman
Susan Asbury, Amy Cocchiarella, and Lauren Sodano
Bohdan and Maureen Baran
Susan M. Barbato in Honor of Ralph H. and Mary Y. Barbato
Florence M. Bastedo-Voelker
Julie and Dick Bauer in Honor of their daughter Sue Tharrett
Rose Mary Bellavia
Christopher Bensch
Big Monster Toys
Ernie Bridge
Anne Britt
Terrie Brown in Honor of Sara Kroh
Warren Buckleitner
Buffalo Games
Britt and Oksana Carpenter
Pamela Castor
Marc Check
Charles Courtsal and Lisa Gwinner in Memory of Frances Chase Courtsal
Ryan, Aaron, and Diane Dolan
Mary E. (Betty) Dorety Estate
James Dorofy
Scott and Shea Dotson
Gail DeLuca Dowler
Roberta and Brent DuBeshter
Abigail Dyson
Jon-Paul and Ursula Dyson
George and Joy Feirer
Kate Fermoile
Nancy Ann Frank
Louise S. French in Memory of Frank R. Salisbury
Anthony J. Gallela and Bucephalus Games
Garry and Michael, Random Games & Toys
Darlene J. Gengelbach
Brigitte Graneau
Michael and Eileen Grossman in Honor of their grandchildren
Brian, Diane, Caitlyn, Danielle, and Taylor Heed
Kate Heilman
Lawrence I. Heller
James R. Herzog
Patricia Hogan
Jeffrey A. Jackelen
Joyce Johnson and Colleen McCarthy-Evans
Hugh A. Jones
Karl Sanford Kabelac
Catherine Keen
Mark & Sandy Kleisley and Dorothy Kleisley
Michael and Susan Lawler
Marguerite Lee in Memory of Paul and Margaret LaPre
Janet and Neil LeRoux
Link Group International
Dermot and Janene Loughran
Majesco Entertainment
Bertha Halecki Malaborski
Bethany and Michaela McKellar
Jay Mechling
NAP, Inc.
The Naulin Family
Braden Andrew Newsome
Tim Nichols
Suzanne Brystal Nielsen in Honor of Jeffrey C. Nielsen
North Star Games
Diane Olin
Doug & Randi Olin and Marc & Jill Olin in Memory of Stephen Olin
Allen J. Parker
Michelle Parnett
Monica Penner
The Perry family in Honor of David R. Perry, Sr.
Mary Ellen Petri
Pokonobe Associates
Tom and Linda Povlock
The Purseketeers of Maineville, Ohio
Joseph Qualls in Honor of Ruth Rosenfeld
Victor G. Reiling
Sharon P. Rich
Lauren, Grace, and Emma Rubino
Laura J. Sadowski
Regina and Cathy Schlosser in Memory of Bertha Mae Schlosser
Seabreeze Park
Lorraine B. Shaul
Richard W. and Janet M. Sherin
Frederick E. Shroyer
Geraldine Sippel and Lisa Giglio
Todd Smith
Todd and Lauren Sodano
Fern B. Speer in Memory of Judson D. Speer, M.D.
Marion R. Stieffenhofer
Douglas B. Strong
Shannon and Michael Symonds
Rodney and Dorothy Taylor
William Tribelhorn
Tony and Rachel VanDeMark
Ernest Autumn Van Den Heuvel, Inventor
Robert H. VanValkinburgh
Janet L. Vart in honor of Kate O'Grady and Dorothy Dixon
Melissa and Jason Visiko
Kathy Kohlbrand Von Hoene
Michael Wagner
Tom and Joni Gruelle Wannamaker and the Raggedy Ann and Andy Museum
Daniel Weaver and Jenny Knight
Pat Weber
Don and Teresa Werth in honor of Trevor Radomski
Arielle Wheeler
Jack E. Wilson in Memory of Carol Marie Lehrer
Carin and Mark Wohlfeld
Zoë Architect