The Liman Collection of International Tabletop Games Display

Travel back to the 1800s and discover the games that brought families together in parlors across America and Europe, now on view in Game Time! Take a rare glimpse at the games that delighted society’s adults and children more than 150 years ago:

  • Marvel at classic games from the late 19th century, including The Little Folks Army Infantry and Tivoli.
  • View board games printed in multiple languages, including German, French, and English.
  • Discover Mother Hubbard’s Party, an intricate bowling-style game featuring imaginative artwork.
  • See gambling games from the early 1800s from around the world, such as the Game of Bell and Hammer from Germany and a French bagatelle game.

The display is part of the larger Liman collection donated by artist and collector Ellen Liman and her late husband, Arthur. The display is included with general museum admission fees.