Individual Donors and Upper Level Members

Visionary Donors

Guha Bala
Karthik Bala
Bernard Birnbaum and Lisa Birnbaum
Chris Czarnecki and Jill Czarnecki
Steve M. Dubnik and Claire Dubnik
Bonnie Erickson and Wayde Harrison
Joan L. Feinbloom
Ed Fries
Suzanne Goodman and Tony Goodman
Nan Hildebrandt and A. Thomas Hildebrandt
Martin Mucci and Darcy Mucci
Aaron C. Newman
Cathy Kaman Ryan and Fred G. Aten
Laura Saxby Lynch and John R. Lynch
Harvey D. Simmons (Woodbury Society Member)
David Swinford and Bonnie Swinford
Mary C. Valentine

Presidential Members and Donors

John H. Bruning and Barbara H. Bruning
David J. Burns and Margaret M. Burns
James Costanza and Andrea Costanza
Zeke Duda and Jane Duda
William H. Goodrich and Rhonda Goodrich
Warren H. Heilbronner and Joyce Heilbronner
Wayne LeChase and Beverly LeChase
William L. Mack and Sharon Mack
David Mitchell and Jean Mitchell
Nancy Sands (in honor of Kylee Fassler)
Kyle Sayers and Nicole Sayers
Anne M. Sevier-Buckingham
Fred W. Smith and Jo Anne Smith (Woodbury Society Members)
Mee F. Wing and Jerry McSpadden

Leading Members and Donors

Joshua Berne and Amy Berne
Matthew Berry and Charlene Berry
Dennis S. Buchan and Mary B. Buchan
Daniel J. Burns and Denise Burns
Neal Burns
Paul DeCarolis
Matt Drake and Jamie De la Rosa
Eric M. Dreyfuss
Stephen Dyson and Pauline Dyson
Carla Engelbrecht
Kelly Fairley and Christopher Fairley
Brian Fargo
Lisa M. Feinstein
Patrick Fulford and Barbara Fulford
David Gardner
Kelly Gilligan
Cecilia G. Golden
Mike Hayes and Ann Jack
Arthur M. Hengerer
Tom Kalinske
Amanda Martin and Algernon Kelley
James Maurer and Nona Maurer
Gail McGreevy Harmon
Reena Mehta and Dashiell Flynn
John Messner and Tabitha Messner
William Michaelis
Joe Minton
Benjamin Mudrick and Amanda Mudrick
Martin W. O'Toole and Brenda O'Toole
Carole Postal
Patrick Purcell and Nicole Purcell
Trudy Quartley and Jeff Quartley
William D. Rice and Mary Ann Monley
Hilda Rosario Escher
Karl Rosengren and Sarah Mangelsdorf
Lewis Rothberg and Shelby Nelson
Joy Ryen Plotnik and Ronald Plotnik
Stephen Schultz and Vicki Schultz
William Shaheen and Ivette Shaheen
Steven Shemirani and Lisa Shemirani
Reid Smith and Franki Smith
Christian Svensson
Athena Thomas-Visel and Paul Thomas
Stephen Vega and Madelyn Garcia
Irene Weinberg
Anne D. Williams
Dawn Williams-Fuller and Hugh Fuller
Mark Wilson and Karen Wilson
Philip Yawman and Cheryl Yawman (in honor of Laura Saxby Lynch)
Iris Zimmermann and Kevin Nowack

Sustaining Members and Donors

Michael Bargmann and Susan Bargmann
Lisa Baron and Jack Baron
Craig Beideman and Jenn Beideman
Christopher Bensch
Ricki Birnbaum
Richard A. Bloom
Alexa Blue
Ashley Cheng
Hugh Chisholm and Shara Chisholm
Dan Connors
Todd Coopee and Daniel Leonard
Katherine Cove and Michael Madden
Alan Deuel and Erin Deuel
Erika Duthiers and Christopher Simmons
Margaret Freeman and Thomas Lennox
Kelly Gagan and Dennis Gagan
Andrew Gallina and Karen Gallina
Christopher Harris and Christine Ferris
Walter Hickey
Jeff Hilbert
Andrew D. Holt and Kathleen B. Holt
Patrick Hudson
Joshua Jacobs and Patrick O'Neill
David A. Krotz
Kathy Landers and Peter Landers
Vanessa Lewis
Sidney Marshall and Toni Marshall
Bruce McLear and Eleanor McLear
Jagat Mehta and Manjula Mehta
Hannalore Merritt and Zach Merritt
Jacqueline Mooney and John Mooney
Duncan Moore
Jason Oaks and Katherine Chiappinelli
William J. O'Connor
Kyra Padula
Steve Pasierb and Wendy Pasierb
Jennifer Patel and Jonah Patel
Michael Pinch and Karina Pinch
Jay J. Rachfal and Peg Rachfal
Shane Rhinewald
Nancy Robbins
John Schantz and Julie Schantz
TJ Shepard
Carol Spencer
Larry Steinwachs and Mary Louise Steinwachs
Clinton Sugnet
Mike Vorhaus
Matt Winslow and Courtney Winslow

Benefactor Members and Donors

David Ahl and Betsy Ahl
Karen Alexander and Christine Irwin
Dominick Annese and Charlene Annese
Joseph C. Briggs and Nancy Briggs
Peter Briggs and Lauren Briggs
Collene M. Burns and McLean Bulmer
Owen Carpenter
Elizabeth A. Coleman
Martha Dennenmann (in memory of Frank H. Carman)
Richard J. DiMarco and Allison U. DiMarco
Michéle V. Dryer and Tyrrell Dryer
Marjorie Elder and Steve Elder
Eugene Evans
Nancy Gardner
Angelo Gentile and Krystle Gentile
Marybeth Gillan and Adam Gillan
Mary Gleason and Michael Patric
Deborah G. Goldman
Sandra C. Goldman and David Goldman
Andrew Grossman and Alyson Grossman
Jim Harisis and Cheryl Harisis
Joseph Huber
Jerusha Ladi Iya
Christine Klos and Donald White
Ernest Krug and Sarah Krug
Kathleen Lamborn
Kathleen Landon and Robert Landon
Anthony LeBlanc
John Lovenheim and Barbara Lovenheim
Peggy Martin
Deborah McCoy and Lance Beyer
John Palomaki and Lois Palomaki
Susie Park
Cassandra Peltzer and John Lewis
David Perlman and Marjorie Perlman
Michael Pill
Nathan J. Robfogel and Susan Robfogel
Amy Ryan and Alex Ryan
William Schmid and Samantha Schmid
Timothy Schmid
Bradley Selleck and Christine Fischer
Joe Seymour (in memory of Hildegard Armstrong)
Patti A. Sheldon (in honor of John O'Gorman and Joly Noto and in memory of Lynn Reynolds and Tracy Lee Stanek)
Sidney Sobel and Barbara Sobel
Barry L. Steinberg
Steven Swartout and Cheryl Swartout
Brian Weaver and Colleen Weaver
Daniel Whitman and Erin Whitman
Christine Wilcox and Helen Wilcox
Steven Wolk and Katelyn Wolk

Contributing Donors

G. Rollie Adams and Diana G. Adams (Woodbury Society Members)
Patricia Barry
Gabriel Baum
Susan Belias
Elyse Benedicto
Doris Bergen
Jennifer Berrios and Clifton Berrios
Holly M. Bertsch and James A. Bertsch
Eric Beyer and Anne Beyer
Patricia A. Biasuzzi and John M. Biasuzzi
Gerald Blume
Joanne Bond and Robert Bond
John Bowley and Nancy Bowley
Kevin Boyd and Erika Ramsdale
Cheryl Breitenbuecher
Robert G. Burgio
Kevin Cannan
Thomas Caprio and Ann Caprio
Melissa Castillo (in honor of Luna Marie Castillo)
Richard Cava and Robyn M. Holmes
Michael J. Cicero and Stephanie Cicero
Nicole Collins and Shaun Collins
Ashley Cotton
Jessica A. Cuculick and Christopher M. Cuculick
Don Daglow and Marta Daglow
Janice Daitz and Robert Cutting
William Dalton and Kathleen Sisson
Jessica Day
Brandon Dilmore and Stefani Dilmore
Terri DiMaggio and Richard DiMaggio
Karen Dodson
Kaitlin Doty and Bryce Doty
Jerry Dougherty and Kim Dougherty
Jon-Paul Dyson and Ursula Dyson
Matthew Emens and Lauren Emens
Kylee Fassler and Greg Fassler
Jeannie Fisher
Marc Fleming and Lisa Fleming
Gail M. Fowler and Sue Ann Raymond
Geraldine French
Raj Garg and Keya Garg
Winston E. Gaum and Helen Gaum
Myranda Gillow and Catherine Gillow
Dennis Gleason
Robert Gray (in memory of Jack Herrema)
James Guido and Michael Guido
Grace Gullo
Sean Gupta
Joe Gushen
John Hazzard and Ruth Hazzard
Scott Hilborn
Robert C. Hoffman and Joan E. Hoffman
Megan Hooper (in honor of Karen Hooper)
Theodore Horne and Penny Horne
Greg Hyman
James R. Ison and Sherrill Ison
Gregg Joss and Linda Joss
Hal Julius and Mary Julius
Denise Koser and Adam Koser
Teri Kotin and Lauren Kotin
Jonathan Krotz and Kathleen Krotz
Thomas Krugh and Rody Krugh
Paul LaBella and Janice LaBella
Alfred Laitenberger and Kathleen  Laitenberger
Stephen Lane and Gretchen Lane
Nancy Leidersdorff
Anthony J. Leone and Norma Leone
Heather Link and Kevan Sternberg
Daniel Liss
Tim Maher and Ellen Maher
James M. Maher
Marissa Malick
Kevin McDermott and Mary Rose McDermott
Rebecca Menendez and Matthew Menendez
Kirsten Milliken
David Mirsky
Jennie Morris
Daniel Mossien
Gary Muisus and Karen Muisus
Anne Mullen
Robert Myers and Jill Myers
Cathy J. Nadelen and Lon R. Nadelen
Helene Newman and Bruce Newman
Barbara O'Brien
Lucille O'Brien and Lucetta Sercu
Diane H. Olin
Beth Orlowski and Gregory Wood
Deborah Passmore
John S. Pearsall and Edward P. Rosenberg
Laurie Peslak and Scott Peslak
Jennifer Petruzzelli and Justin Petruzzelli (in honor of Laura Saxby Lynch)
Laura Phelps and Erik Phelps
Alex Philippone and Mary Philippone
Sara Poe and Mark Poe
Ron Rabinowitz and Sally Rabinowitz
Lindsay Rabitz
Mary Jane Ramsey
Brian Reynolds
Sam Rivoli and Jean Rivoli
Elise A. Rosenfeld and Stephen Rosenfeld
Lisa Rothrock and Mark Rothrock
Jeremy Saucier and Tara Saucier
Richard Schreiber and Joyce Schreiber
Michael Scozzafava and Nancy Scozzafava
David Shaffer and Tricia Shaffer
David J. Sharkey
Bruce Shelley
Judith Sims
Herb Skerker and Monica Skerker
Adam Smith
Mike Streb and Erin Streb
William K. Stumbo and Nan Stumbo
Rob Thornburg and Loralei Thornburg
Bill Towler and Mary Anna Towler
Ronna Treier and George Treier
Kyle Trenshaw and Michael Van Wert
Rick Tucker
Fiorella Valdesolo
Jeff Valentine and Jennifer Valentine
Nick Weiss
W.J. Whelan and Sally-Ann Whelan
John Whelan
Kate Whitman and Patrick Whitman
Nicholas Widzowski
William W. Wilcox
Lyndsey Williams (in memory of Patti "Mum" Warne)
Matthew Wolf
Yuanyuan Xiao