Individual Donors

Visionary Donors

G. Rollie Adams and Diana G. Adams (Woodbury Society Members)
Thomas R. Argust and Carolyn Argust
Guha Bala
Karthik Bala
Bernard Birnbaum and Lisa Birnbaum
Alan L. Cameros
Elaine Del Monte and John Del Monte
Steve M. Dubnik and Claire Dubnik
Bonnie Erickson and Wayde Harrison
Nan Hildebrandt and A. Thomas Hildebrandt
John Lillie and Daryl Lillie
William L. Mack and Sharon Mack
Aaron C. Newman
Bruce Raiffe and Meryl Raiffe
Cathy Kaman Ryan and Fred G. Aten
Harvey D. Simmons (Woodbury Society Member)
David Swinford and Bonnie Swinford
Matthew Tomaino and Amy Tomaino
Mary C. Valentine
Jeff Valentine and Jennifer Valentine

Presidential Donors

John Anderson and Lisa Anderson
Stuart Bobry and Betsy Bobry
David J. Burns and Margaret M. Burns
James Costanza and Andrea Costanza
Chris Czarnecki and Jill Czarnecki
Ralph Dandrea and Colleen Dandrea
Zeke Duda and Jane Duda
Joan L. Feinbloom
William H. Goodrich and Rhonda Goodrich
Warren H. Heilbronner and Joyce Heilbronner
Wayne LeChase and Beverly LeChase
Nelson Leenhouts
Brian Murray
Jay J. Rachfal and Peg Rachfal
Laura Saxby Lynch and John R. Lynch
Kyle Sayers and Nicole Sayers
Sidney Sobel and Barbara Sobel
Dawn Williams Fuller and Hugh Fuller
Mee F. Wing and Jerry McSpadden

Leading Donors

Jason Arena and Jennifer Arena
Christopher Bensch
John H. Bruning and Barbara H. Bruning
Daniel J. Burns and Denise Burns
Neal Burns
Joyce Crofton
Don Daglow and Marta Daglow
Paul DeCarolis
David DeJoy and Debby DeJoy
Matt Drake and Jamie De la Rosa
Eric M. Dreyfuss
Erika Duthiers and Christopher Simmons
Carla Engelbrecht
Nick Fanandakis and Rory Fanandakis (in memory of Maisie Lucienne Gillan)
Brian Fargo
Stanley Z. Feingold and Reenie Feingold
Lisa M. Feinstein and Dan Dangler
Loren Flaum and Jamie Flaum
Jim Fonzi and Judi Fonzi
Susan Gillan and John R. Gillan
Andre Godfrey and Melinda Godfrey
Cecilia G. Golden
David Grenewetzki and Vicki S. Grenewetzki
Anthony L. Gugino and Earlene Siebold
Arthur M. Hengerer
Martin Jarzebowski and Mahta Mortezavi
Tom Kalinske
Dave M. Long and Kelly E. Long
Tim Maher
Peggy Martin
James Maurer and Nona Maurer
Linda McGinley
Gail McGreevy Harmon
Reena Mehta and Dashiell Flynn
Joe Minton
Carole Postal
Fran Pullano
Stanley Purdie
Trudy Quartley and Jeff Quartley
William D. Rice and Mary Ann Monley
Susan & Nathan  Robfogel
Hilda Rosario Escher
Lewis Rothberg and Shelby Nelson
Joy Ryen Plotnik and Ronald Plotnik
Ajay Sabherwal and Aparna Sabherwal
Stephen Schultz and Vicki Schultz
Fred W. Smith and Jo Anne Smith (Woodbury Society Members)
Matt Squires
Larry Steinwachs and Mary Louise Steinwachs
Christian Svensson
Judy von Bucher and Erik P. von Bucher
Irene Weinberg
Jordan Weisman
Anne D. Williams
Tyler Wolk and Alicia Wolk
Philip Yawman and Cheryl Yawman
Iris Zimmermann and Kevin Nowack

Sustaining Donors

Craig Beideman and Jenn Beideman
Richard A. Bloom
Hillary Bobys and Paul Audi
Joe A. Boyd and Rebecca Boyd
Ashley Cheng
Donna Curran and Craig Curran
Alexander Del Monte and Claire Del Monte
Brendan Dolan
Mackenzie Dubay and Gannon Dubay
Pamela Fletcher (in memory of Ruth Marion Schuyler)
Kelly Gagan and Dennis Gagan
Adam Gillan and Marybeth Gillan (in memory of Maisie Lucienne Gillan)
Laurie Haelen and Mary McCrank
Christopher Harris and Christine Ferris
Sanjay Hiranandani and Allyson Hiranandani
Kathleen B. Holt and Andrew D. Holt
Samantha Jones and Alex Jones
Sidney Marshall and Toni Marshall
Laura Masterson and Sarah Masterson
Deborah McCoy and Lance Beyer
Ronald C. Mead
Joseph D. Morelle and Mary Beth Morelle
Andrew Mui
William J. O'Connor
Brendan O'Hara and Jen O'Hara
Victor A. Oshinyemi
Robert Pease and Nicole Pease
Laurie Phelps
Jake Pierson and Kerry Pierson
Sara Poe and Mark Poe
Christine Randise and Jerry Randise
Shane Rhinewald
Michael Richtmeyer
James Scheirer and Katie Scheirer
Clinton Sugnet
Georgiana T. Thoman and John W. Thoman
Victoria Van Voorhis
Jim Watters and Therese Hannigan
Kate Whitman and Patrick Whitman

Benefactor Donors

David Ahl and Betsy Ahl
Jocelyn Basley
Joseph C. Briggs and Nancy Briggs
Adam Brunner and Nicole Brunner
Michael J. Cicero and Stephanie Cicero
Tim Crimmins and Lori Crimmins
JonPaul Dyson and Ursula Dyson
Eugene Evans
Nancy Gardner
Mary Gleason and Michael Patric
Kristen Hans and Anthony Hans
Christine Hartlieb and Tony Murray
Jeffrey Ingraham and Kate Ingraham
Jerusha Ladi Iya
Joshua Jacobs and Patrick O'Neill
Walter Johnson and Stephanie Heller
Allison McGrath
Bruce McLear and Eleanor McLear
Hannalore Merritt and Zach Merritt
Charles Murphy
Cheryl Nichols
Steve Nix
James H. Norman and Lois Norman
Amy Olds and Brian Olds
Steve Pasierb and Wendy Pasierb
Cassandra Peltzer and John Lewis
Kimberly Perttu (in memory of Frank J. DiCesare)
John Pupo
Jah Raphael
Jeremy Saucier and Tara Saucier
Meghan Schottland and Matt Harding
Carol Schultz
Alissa Seidman
Andrew J. Setter and Heather Biehler
Joseph Stefko and Julie Stefko
Barry L. Steinberg
Mike Streb and Erin Streb
Ted Strohmeyer and Mary Ann Strohmeyer
Athena Thomas-Visel and Paul Thomas
Ed Tommasi and Kristin Tommasi
Mike Trabold
John Weisberg and Dinah Weisberg
Catharine J. Wise

Contributing Donors

Eric Abate and Emily Abate
Peter Alau
Matt Alchin and Maria Squillini
Barbara Bailey
Keenan Barry and Erin Budd Barry
Cameron Bechtold and Lindsay Bechtold
Greg Bertino
John Bowley and Nancy Bowley
Cheryl Breitenbuecher
George G. Browning
Collene M. Burns and McLean Bulmer
Malcolm Campbell
Elizabeth Cannon
Jessica L. Chambry
Dan Connors
William Dalton and Kathleen Sisson
Kim Della Porta and Mike Della Porta
Samuel Dubay
Gilchrist Durfee and Ashley Durfee
Ellery Durnion and Jeremy Durnion
Stephen Dyson and Pauline Dyson
Carl Fantauzzo
Kylee Fassler and Greg Fassler
Will Foster
Teresa Froncek
Missy Fuino
Lella Gandini and Lester Little
Winston E. Gaum and Helen Gaum
Myranda Gillow and Catherine Gillow
Christopher Goerss
Tracey Gonzalez and Ronald Gonzalez
Janine Gordon
Jennifer Gruenberg
Monica Guilian
Gary Hale and Sharon Hale
Matt Handy
Suzanne Hansen
Brian Henzel and Ambre Henzel
Claudette Hercules and Courtney Campbell Cooper
Judith W. Kaplan and Stuart L. Kaplan
Michael Katz
Christopher Keffer and Rebecca Graf
Robert Kotin
Christian Krapf and Christina Krapf
David A. Krotz
Renee Lacek and Jon Michael Lacek
Jay Laird and Jenny Laird
Alfred Laitenberger and Kathleen  Laitenberger
Jeff LaLonde
Brenda Laurel
Anthony LeBlanc
Anthony J. Leone and Norma Leone
Helena  Leroux (in memory of Maisie Lucienne Gillan)
David Lionett and April Lionett (in memory of Darwin Bromley)
Heidi Loomis
Brian Martin (in memory of Darwin Bromley)
Gretchen McGrath
Ethan McKenney and Laura McKenney
Brette McSweeney (in honor of Ruth Bernstein)
Terence C. Milne
David Mirsky
Mary A. Missall
Deanne Molinari
Sajod Moradi (in memory of Maisie Lucienne Gillan)
Gary Muisus and Karen Muisus
Kirsten Nagel and Gabe Siftar
Megan O'Donnell
Kevin O'Hanlon
Diane H. Olin
Beth Orlowski and Gregory Wood
Alex Philippone and Mary Philippone
Sonja C. Poe
Joshua Pryor and Sherry Pryor
Kimberly Rosdahl and Kevin Rosdahl
Kristen Schneider (in memory of Elizabeth Ann Beyth)
Joe Seymour
Patti A. Sheldon (in memory of Lynn Reynolds)
Jennine Sheldon and Cory Sheldon
Matt Shores (in honor of Don Daglow)
Ann Silva
Adam Smith
Robert L. Snyder and Norma M. Snyder
Anthony Spada and Nancy Spada
Allen Stiles
Michael Sullivan and Gail Sullivan
Rob Thornburg and Loralei Thornburg
Jane Throckmorton
Sue Todd and Mark Todd
William J. Tribelhorn
Malinda C. Trovato
Rick Tucker
Kurt Van Bramer and Toni Lynn Van Bramer
Mike Walker and Melissa Walker
Brian Weaver and Colleen Weaver
Tim Webber and Colleen Webber
Nancy Weinmann
Nicholas Widzowski
Elaine Wordelmann (in memory of Darwin Bromley)

Upper Level Members


Fred G. Aten and Cathy Kaman Ryan
Dennis S. Buchan and Mary B. Buchan
Leslie DesMarteau and George DesMarteau
Dr. Eric M. Dreyfuss
Patrick Fulford and Barbara Fulford
Christine Klos and Donald White
Dr. Amanda Martin and Dr. Algernon Kelley
Linda McGinley
Patrick Purcell and Nicole Purcell
Harvey D. Simmons
Mark Wilson and Karen Wilson


Michael Bargmann and Susan Bargmann
Dr. Richard A. Bloom
Dr. Thomas Caprio and Ann Caprio
Katherine Cove and Michael Madden
Matt Drake and Jamie De la Rosa
G. Edward Duckett, Jr. and Katherine Duckett
Roland DeLardge and Kimberly DeLardge
Alan Deuel and Erin Deuel
Jean Ellefson and Charles Gardiner
Mathew Empie and Maureen Empie
Margaret M. Freeman and Thomas Lennox
Joshua Glasser and Lisa Glasser
Christopher Harris and Christine Ferris
Warren H. Heilbronner and Joyce Heilbronner
Walter B. D. Hickey
Ryan Hughes and Audra Webber
Roberta Johnson and O. Silver
Drew Krause and Rachel Krause
Edward Messing and Susan Messing
Dr. Vivian A. Palladoro
Michael Pinch and Karina Pinch
Jay J. Rachfal and Peg Rachfal
Tab Whang and Josephine Whang
James Widmaier and Laurie Widmaier
Melanie Wolk and Jeremy J. Wolk


Thomas R. Argust and Carolyn Argust
Elizabeth Anderson
Keenan Barry and Erin Budd Barry
Heather Biehler and Andrew J. Setter
Amy Castle
David Culeton and Cathy Tong
Susan Eisinger and Steven Eisinger
Marjorie Elder and Steve Elder
Steven Erickson and Mary Erickson
John Gibson and Sarah Gibson
Deborah G. Goldman
Sandra C. Goldman and David Goldman
Catherine Goodfellow and Alan Goodfellow
Rickie Lee Herrmann and Cassondra Lee
Kim Kashorek and Josh Kashorek
Ernest Krug and Sarah Krug
Kathleen Landon and Robert Landon
Brandon Lewis and Anna Marie Lewis
William J. Mackey and Joan Mackey
Sidney Marshall and Toni Marshall
Matthew Miller and Christa Miller
John Palomaki and Lois Palomaki
Cassandra Peltzer and John Lewis
David Perlman and Marjorie Perlman
Nathan J. Robfogel and Susan Robfogel
Gary Sedore and Carrie Datro
Sidney Sobel and Barbara Sobel
Clinton Sugnet
Marissa Terry and Michael Sobolewski
William J. Tribelhorn
Eric Wallen and Monica Wallen
Sylvia A. Watkins
Jefferson Webster and Sheelarani Webster
Ron Wexler and Rachel Rosen
Henry W. Williams and Edie Williams Linares