Individual Donors

Visionary Donors

Ellen Liman
Harvey D. Simmons (In Memory of Carol D. Simmons)
Bernard Birnbaum and Lisa Birnbaum
David J. Burns and Margaret M. Burns
Mary C. Valentine
Doris Bergen
Cathy Kaman Ryan and Fred G. Aten

Presidential Donors

Wayne LeChase and Beverly LeChase
Kyle Sayers and Nicole Sayers
William H. Goodrich
Chris Czarnecki and Jill Czarnecki
Mee F. Wing and Jerry McSpadden
Laura Saxby Lynch and John R. Lynch (In Memory of Hon. J. Robert and Sarah N. Lynch)
Joseph C. Briggs and Nancy Briggs
Anne D. Williams
Ed Fries
John Lillie
Richard Malinich
Warren H. Heilbronner and Joyce Heilbronner

Leading Donors

Zeke Duda and Jane Duda
Cecilia G. Golden
Alexander Del Monte and Claire Del Monte
Steve M. Dubnik and Claire Dubnik
Dawn Williams-Fuller and Hugh Fuller
John Anderson and Lisa Anderson
Martin Jarzebowski and Mahta Mortezavi
James Maurer and Nona Maurer
Bonnie Erickson and Wayde Harrison
Michael Pachter
Erika Duthiers and Christopher Simmons
Iris Zimmermann and Kevin Nowack
Ralph Dandrea and Colleen Dandrea
Joyce Crofton
William D. Rice and Mary Ann Monley
David Grenewetzki and Vicki S. Grenewetzki
Lewis Rothberg and Shelby Nelson
Fred W. Smith and Jo Anne Smith
Joy Ryen Plotnik and Ronald Plotnik
William J. Tribelhorn
Joshua Weitz and Lesley Loss
Dan Dangler
Brian Fargo
Carla Engelbrecht
Christian Svensson
Esther Krakower
Jeanne B. Hutchins
Joan L. Feinbloom
Nancy Robbins
Ronald C. Mead
Richard J. DiMarco and Allison U. DiMarco
Jeffrey Mattox and Helen Mattox
Jeff Valentine and Jennifer Valentine
Laura Masterson and Katelyn Masterson
Jake Pierson and Kerry Pierson
Edward A. Boucher and Margaret Boucher
Rebecca Burkey and Timothy Burkey
Michael Miller and Vanessa Sheldon
Steve Pasierb and Wendy Pasierb

Sustaining Donors

Clinton Sugnet
Neal Burns
Collene M. Burns and McLean Bulmer
Lisa M. Feinstein
Amy Rosenfeld
Ben Dobrzynski
Gail McGreevy Harmon
Stephen Skrainar and Beth Skrainar
Charlie Giambrone and Melissa Giambrone
Michael J. Cicero and Stephanie Cicero

Benefactor Donors

Bruce McLear and Eleanor McLear
Brendan Dolan
William J. O'Connor
Kevin Dickens and Julie Dickens
Keenan Barry and Erin Budd Barry
Barry L. Steinberg
Carl Fantauzzo
Deborah G. Goldman
Duncan Moore
Elizabeth A. Coleman
Laura Pecci
Laureen A. Burke
Mike Vorhaus
Sharon Garelick
Amy Ryan and Alex Ryan
James Costanza and Andrea Costanza
Tanner Cheek and Ashley Cheek
David Ahl and Betsy Ahl
Dominick Annese and Charlene Annese
Susan Rupp and Jim Leff
Enid Cardinal and Keira Cardinal
Michael Raff and Linda Raff
Jeffrey Paille and Lisa Paille
Robert Pease and Nicole Pease
Stephen Dyson and Pauline Dyson
Paul Gardner and Rose Pleninger
Meredith Rochwarg and Scott Rochwarg

Contributing Donors

Brian Bennington
Daniel Glover
Anthony LeBlanc
Jennifer Gruenberg
Patti A. Sheldon (In Memory of Lynn Reynolds and Samuel Sheldon)
Christopher Harris and Christine Ferris
Brian Weaver and Colleen Weaver
John Weisberg and Dinah Weisberg
Jonathan Krotz and Kathleen Krotz
Dan Habza and Laura Habza
Joseph Slisz and Mary Ellen Slisz
Richard Cava and Robyn M. Holmes
Ellery Durnion
David A. Krotz
Michele Cassara
Nancy Gardner
William S. Lane and Mary V. Lane
Mary Gleason and Michael Patric
Judith W. Kaplan and Stuart L. Kaplan
H. Bruce Russell and Susan F. Russell
Cassandra Peltzer and John Lewis
Suzanne Hansen
Jeremy Durnion
Caitlyn Forsyth
Diane H. Olin
James M. Maher
Kathy Kusak
Laurie Work
Peggyann Munnick
Rick Tucker
Ted Messner
Mark Dwyer and Amanda Dwyer
Dustin Maier and Christine Maier
Lauren Groth and Cuyler Groth
Melanie Bobry and Daniel Polant
G. Rollie Adams and Diana G. Adams
Michael Livernash and Donna Livernash
Beth Orlowski and Gregory Wood
Suzanne Seldes and Jerry Seldes
Laura Hellaby and Joe Hellaby
Katrina Busch-Quinn and John Quinn
Alfred Laitenberger and Kathleen  Laitenberger
William Dalton and Kathleen Sisson
Joel DiMarco and Katy DiMarco
Joseph Talbot and Leah Talbot
Lella Gandini and Lester Little
Steve Rauh and Linda Rauh
Marc Fleming and Lisa Fleming
Mark Rothrock and Lisa Rothrock
Rob Thornburg and Loralei Thornburg
Shira Goldberg and Mark Lazeroff
Mark Cronin and Melissa Cronin
Anthony Spada and Nancy Spada
Sandra Frankel and Neil Frankel
Jon Michael Lacek and Renee Lacek
Janice Daitz and Robert Cutting
Mark Todd and Sue Todd
Nick Iadarola and Suzannah Iadarola
Brian Van Auker and Tracy Van Auker


Upper Level Members


Fred Aten and Cathy Kaman Ryan


Dennis Buchan and Mary Buchan
Leslie DesMarteau and George DesMarteau
Dr. Eric Dreyfuss
Patrick Fulford and Barbara Fulford
Linda McGinley
Harvey Simmons
Dr. Stephen Vega and Dr. Madelyn Garcia
Hope Williams
Mark Wilson and Karen Wilson


Michael Bargmann and Susan Bargmann
Richard Bloom
John Bruning and Barbara Bruning
Dr. Thomas Caprio and Ann Caprio
Tanner Cheek and Ashley Cheek
Katherine Cove
Roland DeLardge and Kimberly DeLardge
Alan Deuel and Erin Deuel
Matt Drake and Jamie De la Rosa
G. Edward Duckett, Jr. and Katherine Duckett
Jean Ellefson and Charles Gardiner
Joshua Glasser and Lisa Glasser
Christopher Harris and Christine Ferris
Warren Heilbronner and Joyce Heilbronner
Walter B. D. Hickey
Pamela Marsocci and Dr. Steven Marsocci
Dr. Amanda Martin and Dr. Algernon Kelley
Dr. Edward Messing and Susan Messing
Misty Jo Neilson and Thomas Neilson
Kathy Nixon and Ted Nixon
Dr. Vivian Palladora
Michael Pinch and Karina Pinch
Jay Rachfal and Peg Rachfal
Dr. Tab Whang and Josephine Whang
James Widmaier and Laurie Widmaier


Karen Alexander and Christine Irwin
Elizabeth Anderson
Nathan Andrews and Jillian Andrews
Susan Baechle and Jared Mooberry
Elizabeth Carozzolo and Thomas Carozzolo
Amy Castle
Edward Driscoll and Christine Driscoll
Michael Edelman and Jessica Edelman
Susan Eisinger and Dr. Steven Eisinger
Elizabeth Fleischman and Stephen Fleischman
Antuana Rhodes Fulgham and Shana Radford
Sandra Goldman and David Goldman
Catherine Goodfellow and Alan Goodfellow
Rickie Lee Hermann and Cassondra Lee
Ryan Hughes and Audra Webber
Dr. Sherrif Ibrahim and Vanphen Ibrahim
T'challa Jenerson and Camille Radford
Kim Kashorek and Josh Kashorek
Dr. Ernest Krug and Sarah Krug
Kathleen Landon and Robert Landon
William Mackey and Joan Mackey
Katherine Markert and Adam Markert
Cassandra Peltzer and John Lewis
David Perlman and Marjorie Perlman
Nathan Robfogel and Susan Robfogel
Dr. Sidney Sobel and Barbara Sobel
Dr. Clinton Sugnet
Eric Wallen and Monica Wallen
Sylvia Watkins
Melanie Wolk and Jeremy Wolk