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While fishing for food has existed nearly as long as mankind, recreational fishing with a fishing rod and bait, technically named angling, appeared during the 18th century. The basic tools for angling haven't changed all that much in the intervening years. One may fish with live bait or artificial. The manufacture of artificial baits, usually called lures, grew exponentially during the 20th century. Makers claimed their new design was guaranteed to catch more fish because of a certain innovation. Many forms resemble minnows, or small fish, to be recognized as food by a larger predator. Others incorporate movement, often coupled with shiny metal, to catch the eye or even anger the potential catch. Many people who fish possess many more lures than they could possibly use. An old favorite or a new model may improve one's luck on a day of fishing.

  • Material: wood | metal | paint
  • Object ID: 116.2035
  • Credit Line: Gift of Jeremy K. Saucier in memory of Samuel Bland
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