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Gerald E. Cordell loved games, and he was good at them. A training sergeant during WWII, Cordell played poker to help support his family. Attending night school after the war, Cordell met kindred spirit Robert Garner. Cordell loved dice games as much as poker, and he dreamt up a dice game combining the fun of both as well as luck and strategy. He and Garner decided to market the game under a combination of both their names, Gardell Enterprises. They settled on a classy name for the dice game, "Quintette," and Cordell's wife Kay designed the game box and contents. Scraping up $1,000 they managed to print a first run of the game. The May Company agreed to sell Quintette and ran an ad in The Los Angeles Times that ran on July 11, 1953. Only a few dozen sales resulted. Undaunted, the team finally found a distributor in Minneapolis called Minnehaha Park Inc. That firm took 90 copies of the game for ToyFair 1955, but went bankrupt soon afterwards. It is ironic, perhaps, that Quintette is so similar to Yahtzee, which appeared in 1956, and began selling briskly soon afterward. Why didn't Quintette catch on?

  • Manufacturer: Gardell Enterprises
  • Material: printed paper | plastic | cardboard
  • Origin: North Hollywood, CA
  • Style: dice | poker
  • Object ID: 113.1455
  • Credit Line: Gift of Lynella Cordell in Memory of Gerald and Catherine Cordell
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