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Home Team Baseball Game

board game

Baseball simulation board games appeared soon after baseball itself became a popular sport in the United States. There are hundreds of examples, with varying degrees of success at emulating the game's play. Selchow & Righter of New York published an amazing variant in 1918, designed and copyrighted by a man, Ben Dickenson. This version makes use of three clever spinners to determine the outcome of every play. One for fielders, one for batters, and one "umpire" spinner, which determines whether a player is safe or out, and which "decides all arguments" just like a real umpire. The board also has a miniature playing field for players to mark their progress. The game is both simple and clever, and emulates the sport better than many other versions.

  • Designer: Ben Dickenson
  • Manufacturer: Selchow & Righter Co.
  • Material: printed cardstock | cardboard | paper
  • Object ID: 116.1665
Creative Commons License