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Freedom: The Underground Railroad


Librarian and gamer Brian Mayer, along with colleague Christopher Harris, authored the book "Libraries Got Game: Aligned Learning Through Modern Board Games" in 2010. The book's thesis echos an idea key to the mission of The Strong, which "explores play in order to encourage learning, creativity, and discovery and to illuminate the American experience in particular and human experience in general." Mayer also recently designed a European-style board game, "Freedom: The Underground Railroad." Published by Academy Games, which specializes in Euro-style educational and historical simulation games, "Freedom" allows players to strategize together towards "beating the game" as they "take the roles of important historical Abolitionist characters and learn about this important chapter of American history." Through his published works and board game, Mayer advances the cause of play and learning for older children and adults. This donation includes a prototype board and prototype materials, as well as an advertising flyer related to the design and marketing of Freedom: The Underground Railroad.

  • Material: printed paper
  • Object ID: 114.5856
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