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Candy Land Game A Sweet Little Game for Sweet Little folks

board game

Recovering from Polio, Eleanor Abbott invented the game Candy Land in 1945. She envisioned the game for polio-stricken children to play as they recovered. Some historians believe that she also intended the game for healthy children, to keep them occupied indoors and thus perhaps safer from the Polio disease. The game required no reading or mathematical skills so the youngest children could play it. They draw a color card and advance to that color square on the board. Milton Bradley purchased the rights to publish the game in 1949. In 2014 Winning Moves, Inc. borrowed a ca. 1955 copy of the game from The Strong to help plan the graphics on a contemporary but retro edition.

  • Manufacturer: Winning Moves, Inc.
  • Material: printed paper | cardboard | plastic
  • Origin: China
  • Licenser: Hasbro, Inc.
  • Style: race
  • Object ID: 114.5564
  • Credit Line: Gift of Winning Moves, Inc.
Creative Commons License