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Captain Hop Across Jr.

board game

During the so-called Silver Age of American game manufacture (1915-1945) the Rochester firm All-Fair, Inc. was probably the third most important game maker after the giants Parker Brothers and Milton Bradley. Known by several names such as Alderman-Fairchild Company, Fairco, and E.E. Fairchild, the firm grew out of Rochester's strong printing industry, influential since the late 19th century. All-Fair's games were characterized by catchy names, timely designs, and bright colors. No job, it seemed, was too big or too small for All-Fair, from individually personalized card decks to paper labels for other manufacturers. The Captain Hop Across board game commemorates the famous 1927 cross-Atlantic flight of Charles Lindbergh, in bright colors and realistic imagery.

  • Manufacturer: All-Fair, Inc.
  • Material: printed paper | cardboard
  • Origin: Rochester, NY
  • Object ID: 108.1571
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