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Top Trumps Tournament Marvel Universe 6 Exclusive Packs

card game

In 1999, Tom Liddell of Winning Moves Games rediscovered the card game Top Trumps, which he remembered playing in his childhood. Winning Moves licenses vintage titles from Hasbro, and did this with Top Trumps, which was first developed in 1968. Over the intervening years, the game became a huge hit in England, where it originated, and later in the United States as well. Themed decks are available on a myriad of subjects from comic characters to the latest movie releases. And the firm now embraces electonic gaming as well. With purchase of a single manual deck, a player can play as an app, on-line, or on FaceBook, and of course the manual game is still just as fun. Top Trumps received an "Excellence in Electronic Adaptation of an Existing Toy or Game" award at the 2011 TAGIE awards. The card game, a variation on the classic game war, pits each card's "stats" against the same on another player's card. In this way, players can actually learn pertinent facts. The game is also descended from the classic game Authors.

  • Manufacturer: Top Trumps
  • Material: printed cardstock
  • Origin: Belgium
  • Licenser: Marvel
  • Style: trick-taking | war | matching
  • Object ID: 115.428
Creative Commons License