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WWE Wrestlemania Pro Pinball Machine

pinball machine

Released in 2015 by Stern Pinball, WWE Wrestlemania pinball machine challenges players to score points and make shots in order to train their wrestlers (characters) and compete in matches with the goal of becoming the WWE worldwide heavyweight champion. The game features licensed music and a miniature wrestling ring at the top of the playfield. This game is part of a donation from Stern Pinball, Inc., the largest and oldest manufacturer of commercial quality pinball machines in the world. Although rooted in earlier pinball companies such as Stern Electronics (1977-1984), Data East Pinball (1986-1994), and Sega Pinball (1994-1999), Stern Pinball, Inc. has been designing and manufacturing pinball machines under its current name since 1999. In that time, they've released dozens of games based on popular licensed media properties such as Lord of the Rings (2003), Iron Man (2010), The Rolling Stones (2011), X-Men (2012), The Walking Dead (2014), and Game of Thrones (2015).

  • Designer: John Trudeau | Waison Cheng
  • Manufacturer: Stern Pinball
  • Material: wood | plastic | glass | metal
  • Origin: USA
  • Licenser: World Wrestling Entertainment
  • Object ID: 116.929
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