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Whirly Bird

arcade game

Helicopter flying games were among the most popular arcade novelty games of a the late 1960s. Players steered a scale-model helicopter, which was attached to a metal arm and enclosed inside of a glass case. Players scored points by manuevering the chopper over the three-dimensional, molded-plastic playfield and into metal pins representing checkpoints. The more checkpoints the player contacted with the helicopter's metal arms, the higher their score. Midway and other manufactuers produced similiar helicopter games, including Amusement Engineering's Helicopter Trainer (1968), Sega's Helicopter (1968), and Midway's Chopper (1974), but Whirly Bird was perhaps the best known and most popular.

  • Manufacturer: midway
  • Material: wood | metal | glass | plastic | paper
  • Origin: USA
  • Object ID: 115.789
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