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Rubik's Revolution

electronic game

Brothers Jeff and Steve Rehkemper founded Rehkemper ID--short for Rehkemper Invention & Design--in 1983. Their company, now known as REHCO has invented hundreds of products since then. Their creations have earned more than $1 billion in sales for clients such as Mattel, Fisher-Price, Hasbro, Tiger, and Spin Master. The firm may be known best for reinventing the flying toy category with their air powered planes and the first remote-controlled helicopter. REHCO's Rubik's Revolution won the 2007 TOTY Game of the Year. In November 2008, Jeff, Steve, and Rehkemper Invention & Design were recognized for Excellence in Toy Design at the Toy and Game Inventors Awards Dinner held by the Chicago Toy & Game Group. This toy, Rubik's Revolution, also has won ten awards, including the 2008 TOTY Game of the Year award.

  • Inventor: Rehkemper Invention & Design
  • Manufacturer: Techno Source
  • Material: printed cardboard | molded plastic
  • Origin: China
  • Licenser: Rehkemper Invention & Design
  • Style: electronic
  • Object ID: 109.15049
Creative Commons License