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Dragon 32/64 Cosmic Cruiser

video game

The early 1980s saw a boom in the UK home computer market, leading several companies to attempt to meet that demand. One such company, headquartered in Wales, was Dragon Data Ltd., part of the Mettoy Toy Company. They released the Dragon 32 home computer system in 1982 and the Dragon 64 a year later, the numbers reflecting the amount of memory in each system. Even though the Dragon computers had more advanced processors than their competitors, their graphical capabilities were still inferior, which led many gamers to bypass them for the BBC Micro and Sinclair Spectrum. These limitations, along with other financial difficulties, led to the commercial failure of the computers. Dragon Data went bankrupt in 1984, after producing only these two computers and 39 games.

  • Manufacturer: Imagine Software
  • Material: plastic | printed paper
  • Origin: United Kingdom
  • Object ID: 116.2661
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