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Sony PlayStation Portable Star Wars: Battlefront II

handheld video game

Star Wars: Battlefront 2 is a first- and third-person shooter, developed by Pandemic Studios for the PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, PC, and Xbox. Released in 2005, the game serves as the sequel to the first entry of the series, Star Wars: Battlefront, which premiered a year earlier. Battlefront 2 follows the same gameplay structure of its predecessor. Players make use of infantry and vehicle units to secure command points across the map, while dwindling down the opponent’s reinforcement count. Matches employ the same four military factions, the Separatist droid army, the Galactic Empire, the Clone Troopers, and the Rebel Alliance, as in the first Battlefront game, with several different classes of soldiers to use, such as infantry, heavy weapons, engineer, and sniper. Players may now also control special Jedi characters, as well as heroes like Han Solo. Battlefront 2’s campaign possesses a more structured narrative than in the first game. Instead of just taking part in significant battles from the films, this story takes the form of an autobiography of an unknown clone trooper in the 501st Legion, otherwise known as Vader’s First. The story follows the unit from its early battles against the Separatist droid army, up through the Battle of Hoth. The campaign diverts from the standard “capture command points” style of play in favor of a more diverse set of objectives in order to successfully finish a mission. Battlefront II notably introduced space battles into the series, although during the campaign these select missions tend to be optional. Aside from the campaign, Battlefront 2 contains several other game modes. Galactic Conquest returned from the previous Battlefront, with increased depth. Much like a game of Risk, the objective involves capturing all of the planets in a system. With space battles also being utilized in this mode, capturing planets gained an extra layer of complexity. Players now earn credits for performing well in matches, which in turn can be used to buy new character classes, bonuses, and additional space fleets. In Hunt mode, players assume the role of the indigenous species of select planets, with the goal of repelling invading forces. Other gameplay options include Conquest mode, which mirrors the command point capturing formula; Hero Assault, which involves a team deathmatch comprised of the special hero-type characters in the game; and Space Assault, a mode devoted entirely to space battles, in which players attempt to destroy the enemy’s capital ship. Battlefront 2’s online multiplayer allowed for many of these modes to be played competitively amongst several players, instead of A.I. controlled bots.

  • Manufacturer: Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
  • Material: plastic | metal | paper
  • Origin: USA
  • Object ID: 109.4859
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