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Mod Fashions Featuring Jane Fonda: A Paper Doll Book

paper doll

Paper dolls are an ancient form of children's play. Boys often played with paper soldiers, and girls made entire wardrobes for their two-dimensional friends. When printed version first became available, usually printed as part of a newspaper, celebrities often became the subjects of paper doll sets. This tradition has continued through to the 21st century; paper doll designers--most notably Tom Tierney--create designs based on many popular stars of stage and screen. Royalty and American Presidential families are not left out, nor are sports figures, and even animals. In 1966, the influence of the British fashion scene was well-established in the United States. So-called "mod" fashions were appearing everywhere. The Whitman company took advantage of a new movie star, Jane Fonda, as well as the latest fashions. They created this "Mod Fashions Featuring Jane Fonda" paper doll book.

  • Manufacturer: Whitman
  • Material: printed paper
  • Object ID: 110.14244
  • Credit Line: Gift of Deborah Clevenger
Creative Commons License