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Living Room

miniature room

Julie Conner’s collection of miniature rooms represents an unusual example of adult play. In assembling her miniature rooms, she placed each item just so. She also found each item and completed the alterations needed to make it into exactly the perfect furnishing. She furnished these miniature rooms by patiently searching in a variety of Goodwill Stores, flea markets, yard sales, thrift shops, and rummage sales for years to find just the right item, which indicates her dedication to her hobby. She chose commercial themes and settings for her rooms, which indicates the degree to which she used her own creativity to repurpose and adapt common household objects to become store furnishings. She chose an unusual scale (roughly one inch = six inches, a proportion often termed "play scale") which made her task of finding furnishings that much harder. She applied her sense of organization and attention to detail rigorously, which resulted in rooms that are particularly well done and fascinating to explore.

  • Manufacturer: Julie Conner
  • Material: molded plastic | vinyl | wood | fabric
  • Origin: Indianapolis, IN
  • Style: miniature
  • Object ID: 114.5921
  • Credit Line: Gift of Julie Conner
Creative Commons License