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Fairy Tale High | Teen Little Mermaid


Fairy Tale High dolls, launched in 2013, presents a number of 12-inch dolls depicting modern teen versions of the princesses and heroines of traditional stories and fairy tales. The dolls sit on toy store shelves among the Ever After High dolls, Monster High dolls, Disney Princesses, Scary Tales dolls, Once Upon a Zombie dolls, and other lines of teen-everything dolls. The intended audience for these dolls includes girls from age three to nine or ten (manufacturers hope, anyway). The characters the Fairy Tale High dolls represent are familiar to most young girls. The manufacturer has created an elaborate back story for each doll and places them all at the same high school for the arts. Stories about the dolls appears on the Fairy Tale High website and in several webisodes. Like many doll series, Fairy Tale High works best (according to the maker) in sets, thus advertising encourages girls to own many if not all the dolls in the line. Fairy Tale High and similar lines of teen dolls have come into criticism for depicting teenagers as pencil-thin, well-endowed beings with very short skirts, bare midriffs, too-high heels, and come-hither glazes that suggest more street walkers than the innocence and sweetness of fairy tale royalty.

  • Manufacturer: S-K Victory, LLC
  • Material: printed cardboard | molded plastic | synthetic hair | paint | fabric
  • Origin: China
  • Licenser: Hans Christian Andersen
  • Object ID: 114.6382
Creative Commons License