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Sunrise in America | Thanksgiving

doll clothes

The Sunrise in America doll first appeared in 1982 just as President Ronald Reagan was gearing up his campaign for a second term under the slogan "It's morning again in America." The Sunrise in America doll line combined doll play and consumerism with patriotism and celebration. The doll wore loyal red satin overalls inscribed with the word "Sunrise," patriotic blue shirt, and celebratory white shoes. She was packaged with an American flag and red, white, and blue balloons.The doll also had a little bracelet and a tiny sunrise charm. Each of the 12 outfits sold separately also had a themed charm that the doll owner could add to the bracelet. Sunrise had 12 different outfits each of which celebrated a holiday like Christmas, Thanksgiving, or Easter or an event in a young girl's life like the first day of school, a birthday, or a dance recital.

  • Manufacturer: Gatabox Ltd.
  • Material: plastic | paint | fabric | synthetic hair | printed cardboard | printed paper
  • Origin: USA
  • Object ID: 113.5771
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