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Rippling Rainbow

educational toy

For toddlers, play functions not only as a source of amusement, but also as a way for them to learn more about themselves and the world around them. Children at this age—approximately one to three years—engage in what developmental psychologist Jean Piaget called “practice play,” which consists of repeated patterns of movement or sound. Through repetition, toddlers improve their motor skills and gain a greater understanding of simple cause-and-effect relationships. They might learn, for instance, that when they hit the keys of a piano, the keys will make noise, and that this same outcome will happen every time they hit the keys. Or they will learn that when they tip the red tiles of the Rippling Rainbow, all the other tiles always fall too.

  • Manufacturer: Culp Lifetime Toy Co.
  • Material: wood | paint
  • Origin: Charlotte, Mi
  • Object ID: 116.2632
  • Credit Line: Gift of Jeffrey Mattox
Creative Commons License