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Sylvester the Cat PEZ Dispenser


Eduard Haas III introduced his PEZ mints to the United States in 1952, with little success. Haas retooled his adult breath mint to a fruit-flavored and colored candy and marketed to American kids. The dispenser intrigued kids from the start: Haas fashioned a 3-dimensional head of a popular cartoon character for the lid. Over the years, the company has kept up with popular culture, continually introducing dispensers depicting the current pop star of movies, TV, comics, and other media. The company opened its American candy factory in 1973, and it promotes about 40 different dispensers at any one time. In 1990, the size of the plant doubled, and, to the present day, it operates 24 hours a day. Hundreds of characters have been depicted on PEZ dispensers in hundreds of variations for sale in 60 countries.

  • Manufacturer: Pez Candy Inc.
  • Material: plastic | candy | printed cardboard
  • Origin: Slovenia
  • Licenser: Warner Brothers
  • Object ID: 116.8014
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