Test Your F.I.Q. (Football IQ)

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August 22, 2011

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Test Your F.I.Q. (Football IQ)
Football: The Exhibit at the National Museum of Play®


Get in the game! Jump into the action at Football: The Exhibit at The Strong’s National Museum of Play® September 24, 2011 through January 8, 2012. Experience all of the excitement of the game while exploring the science and technology that makes it all possible.


 1. Where does an NFL place kicker kickoff from?

A) Cleveland, usually   B) The 30-yard line   C) The 35-yard line   D) The first down line that magically appears on the TV screen.

 Answer: B) The 30-yard line. Kickoff returns are exciting, so the NFL pushed kickoffs back from the 35-yard line. The result?  Fewer touchbacks, more returns, and more television highlights. 


2. Who holds the Buffalo Bills’ record for most career passing yards?

A) Doug Flutie   B) Jack Kemp   C) Jim Kelly   D) Rob Johnson

 Answer: C) Jim Kelly. Jim Kelly, master of the no-huddle offense, led the NFL in passing in 1990, and the AFC in 1991. He took the Bills to eight playoffs, and made four Super Bowl appearances, and was inducted into the National Football Hall of Fame in 2002.


3. In 1893, football rules outlawed the “flying wedge.”  What’s a flying wedge?

A) A pigskin Frisbee   B) What an angry golfer throws   C) Several blockers running full speed with arms interlocked  D) A pie-throwing food fight

 Answer: C) Several blockers running full speed with arms interlocked. A Harvard team probably introduced this dangerous (and nearly unstoppable) tactic.


4. Who won Super Bowl I?

A) Buffalo Bills   B) Webster Schroeder High School   C) New York Jets   D) Green Bay Packers

 Answer: D) The Green Bay Packers. The Packers, led by their legendary coach Vince Lombardi, won the inaugural match-up between the AFL and NFL champions.


5. Who led the Buffalo Bills’ miraculous 1992 comeback against the Houston Oilers?

A) Doug Flutie   B) Jim Kelly   C) Frank Reich   D) Knute Rockne

 Answer: C) Frank Reich. In the greatest comeback in NFL playoff history, back-up quarterback Frank Reich led the Bills to victory after they trailed by 32 points.


6. In football, a “Hail Mary” is:

A)  Bad weather at Ralph Wilson Stadium   B) Part of the rosary   C) A last-second, low-percentage, long- range pass  D) How ancient Romans greeted Caesar’s wife

Answer: C) A last-second, low-percentage, long range pass. Usually this pass doesn’t have a prayer. Doug Flutie threw one of the most famous Hail Mary passes as he helped the Boston College Eagles defeat the Miami Hurricanes, 47–45 in 1984.


7. In 1905, football outlawed:

A) Rugby-style mass-formation plays   B) Tackling out of bounds   C) Piling on   D) Striking the ball carrier in the face  E) All of the above

Answer: E) All of the above.  By 1905, many educators feared that college football had become too professional and too violent. A series of rule changes helped save the game.


8. When Buffalo Bills fans say, “Squish the Fish,” they want to:

A) Play with their sushi   B) Get a relaxing seaweed wrap   C) Squeeze the liquid out of a can of tuna
D) Beat the Miami Dolphins

Answer: D) Beat the Miami Dolphins. Miami went 20–0 against Buffalo in the 1970s, so Bills’ fans particularly relish beating the Dolphins—especially in a snowstorm.


9. In 1922, the American Professional Football Association became the:

A) National Ballet of Canada   B) Bull Moose Party   C) Securities and Exchange Commission
D) National Football League

Answer: D) National Football League. In 1961, the rival American Football League formed. Eventually the two leagues merged. Other rivals, such as the USFL and the XFL have also folded. 


10. The prize for the best overall college football player is:

A) The Stanley Cup   B) The Heisman Trophy   C) The Trojan Horse   D) The Sword of Damocles

Answer: B) The Heisman Trophy.  John Heisman coached the undefeated Oberlin College team in 1892. A century later Oberlin endured a 40 game losing streak.


11.  What did Western New Yorkers rush to buy in 1998?

A)  Wade Phillips’ Down Home Bar-B-Que Sauce   B) Todd Collins autographed posters C)  Flutie Flakes  D) Rob Johnson Rack-em, Sack-em games

Answer: C) Flutie Flakes. In 1999 alone Flutie Flakes raised $1 million for the Doug Flutie, Jr. Foundation for Autism. Even The Strong owns a box!


12. What subject did former Buffalo Bills head coach Marv Levy study in grad school?

A) Physical Education   B) English History   C) Physics   D) Colorful Language

Answer: B) English History. Hall of Famer Marv Levy hurled Elizabethan insults at refs and freely quoted Winston Churchill to his players. He holds a master’s degree from Harvard.


13. In 1956, football outlawed grabbing:

A) An opponent’s face mask  B) A breakfast roll without first saying “please”  C) The microphone from a linebacker at a karaoke party  D) All the credit

Answer: A) An opponent’s face mask. First introduced in the 1890s to cut down on injuries for ball carriers, face masks also offer tacklers a convenient handle. 


14. What NFL team set the record for the most consecutive Super Bowl appearances?

A) Green Bay Packers   B) Dallas Cowboys   C) Buffalo Bills   D) Miami Dolphins

Answer: Buffalo Bills. They appeared four consecutive years (Super Bowls XXV through XXVIII). Coincidentally, they also set the record for the most consecutive losses (four!)