Career Development Services "Generations" Workshop at National Museum of Play

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April 11, 2011

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Career Development Services Launches
“Generations at Work. . .and Play” Workshop
at National Museum of Play

From Traditionalists and Boomers to Xers and Millenials—today’s workforce is very often a blend of sharply divergent generations whose varying attitudes and lifestyles can lead to frustrations and productivity issues.

Career Development Services is pleased to announce “Generations at Work. . .and Play,” the first-ever intergenerational workshop in a museum setting, delivered at The Strong’s National Museum of Play. The workshop is designed to help managers and individual employees build bridges and maximize the strengths of each generation in the workforce.

Capitalizing on the expert facilitation of Career Development Services and the engaging environment of the National Museum of Play, workshop participants join in classroom roundtable discussions about generational strengths and weaknesses and are then set loose among the museum’s renowned exhibits to complete exercises related to toys in the collection. The playful museum backdrop provides a non-threatening meeting ground where participants can discover commonalities across generations as well as gain insights into what is behind their generational differences. Participants end by sharing and processing their experiences and formulating ways to create fresh and innovative approaches to supporting and motivating diverse employees back in their own work settings.

Says Sharon Melville, director of business development at Career Development Services, “Managers and department heads seeking new and creative approaches to leading diverse employees will certainly benefit from this workshop, as will individual employees working in a multigenerational workplace. Past attendees report that they have applied knowledge gained at this workshop to address such issues as employee retention, employee performance appraisals, company taskforce creation, and staff communication and conflict resolution in more productive and innovative ways.”

The average cost for an organization for “Generations at Work. . . and Play” is $2,100, depending on group size. Those wishing to engage in the workshop on an individual basis may participate in a half-day, open-enrollment class priced at $300 per person. (Registration is now open for a half-day workshop, open to individuals and companies, to be held at the museum on Monday, April 25 from 1 to 5 p.m.). For more information or to book the workshop for your team, contact Sharon Melville at 585-244-0765 or by email at

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