Wendy Mulligan and family

The Strong is amazing! Perfect for people of ALL ages and much more than just a place for young kids.   
Groups of all ages would be occupied and engaged there for a full day, I'm sure of it.

Wendy Mulligan
ISX, Toronto, Canada

Evie Smith

The Strong National Museum of Play is my favorite place to be. The Barbie Dolls, etch-a-sketch and board games brought me back to my younger days.  The Ninja Turtles and Power Rangers plus the Sesame Street and Berenstain Bears exhibits prompted wonderful memories of times with my children. It's worth the trip from anywhere for families, school groups, and even adults just wanting to be a kid again!!

Evie Smith
Maximum Tours, Oceanside, NY

Krista Nelson

The feedback was so very positive!!  Both groups LOVED the Strong and their experience there!  The second group was a little apprehensive as when they arrived a bunch of school kids did as well.  They were feeling a bit out of place.  Until the guide brought them upstairs.  Then they fell in love with the nostalgia!  And the tour itself!  Jocelyne said their guide was amazing!  She cannot recall his name but said it was perfect!  We will be back!
We are currently planning our 2018 line up so I will be doing my best effort to get more of our customers to see the Strong!  At the very least, another mystery tour!

Krista Nelson
Front Line Tours, Stoney Creek, Ontario