Strong School Club Application

The Strong School Club will run from September 14 through November 20, 2020. You must commit to at least 2 days per week and up to 5 days per week, for all 10 weeks of the Club. Please select the days per week that you would like to apply starting the week of September 14, 2020 and ending the week of November 16, 2020. Due to staffing restrictions, the specific days per week may not change over the 10-week period. You may only sign up for Pre– and After–care on days that your child(ren) are attending the Club.

Within 1 week of applying, you will receive an email from The Strong with a link to additional information about the program and information we need about your child prior to their first day. In that email will also be a link for payment. Firm payment schedules are listed below. We will not accept your child during the program if these payment dates are not met.

Strong School Club Dates Payment Due Dates
September 14–September 25 Friday, September 4
September 28–October 9 Friday, September 18
October 12–October 23 Friday, October 2
October 26–November 6 Friday, October 16
November 9–November 20 Friday, October 30



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Student Information
Parent Information
Found on the email sent to members on June 27 or your membership card. Begins with 5000. If you need your ID number, please email