Fascinating Facts About PEZ (Display Opens January 8)

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January 5, 2016

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Fascinating Facts about PEZ
(Perfectly PEZ Display Opens
at The Strong Museum on January 8)


Explore pop culture history through dozens of PEZ-inspired artifacts at the new Perfectly PEZ display opening at The Strong museum on Friday, January 8. Following are some fascinating facts about PEZ courtesy of PEZ.com.


  • PEZ was first introduced as a breath mint for adults in Vienna, Austria, in 1927.
  • The word PEZ was created by using the first, middle, and last letter in the German word for peppermint—pffefferminz.
  • The first PEZ dispenser was invented by PEZ Candy employee Oscar Uxa in 1948.
  • The original PEZ dispensers were known as regulars and did not have character heads on them.
  • The first PEZ characters—Santa Claus and Mickey Mouse—appeared in 1955.
  • Santa Claus is the best-selling PEZ dispenser of all time.
  • A Tweety Bird PEZ dispenser made an appearance on the popular TV show Seinfeld.
  • The small tabs on the dispenser base that help it to stand upright are commonly called “feet.”
  • PEZ dispensers are now sold in more than 60 countries.
  • There are nearly 15 different flavors of PEZ candy available.
  • It takes 3,000 pounds of pressure to form a brick of PEZ candy.
  • A PEZ collector is known as a “PEZhead."

Perfectly PEZ will be on display at the museum through April 4, 2016, and is included with general museum admission fees.