G2 is an organization of specially trained volunteers and support staff who promote social/emotional strength for all children

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Generation Two (G2)

Generation Two (G2), a not-for-profit that delivers child-directed play into area classrooms, merged with The Strong National Museum of Play in 2022. G2, which was founded in 2002 by psychologist Dr. Bruce Gilberg, provides one-on-one play experiences to kindergarten through second grade students with community volunteers.

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G2 offers community volunteers the chance to engage in child-directed play sessions with children in kindergarten through second grade. Volunteers allow their child play buddy to determine the direction of the play, celebrate their choices, and encourage students to explore their ideas and interests. This work is rooted in the idea that play is a form of expression, exploration, and communication. It’s a way to test boundaries and carve out a sense of identity. G2 volunteers help provide a space for children to do this in a safe, structured way.


Empowering Connection. Learning through Play.


Connecting Generations through Play

Benefits of Play

Building Bonds. Fostering Well-Being.

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Become a Volunteer

If you have a passion for play and two hours per week to give, please join us as a G2 volunteer!