Campaign Priorities

The Strong's $60-million Powered by Play campaign is an investment in the future of The Strong, the future of our community, the future of play, and the future of our children.

Campaign priority graphic

$13M Museum Building Expansion

Projected to nearly double the museum’s visitation to approximately one million guests per year, The Strong’s expansion is the driving force behind the Neighborhood of Play. Adding 90,000 square feet to the museum’s existing 285,000, the expansion will house groundbreaking exhibits, one-of-a-kind guest experiences, new collections storage space, and much more.  

Concpet drawing welcome atrium exterior

$6M Welcome Atrium

As the architectural centerpiece of the Neighborhood of Play and the new “front door” of the museum, a state-of-the-art welcome atrium will feature a dazzling open floor plan, improved guest amenities and admissions services, a new restaurant café, and an expanded museum gift shop. The atrium will also serve as a functional, vibrant space for events, receptions, and other community gatherings.

$7M Exhibit Development and Installation

Every step through the new exhibits will be a choose-your-own-adventure type experience, where guests will decide whether to defy gravity on a ropes course or set a new record in a video game where they are the characters. They can take in the incredible history of toy pioneers or spend time in our outdoor urban oasis, getting up close and personal with exotic plants and flowers.

$26M New Parking Garage

A new 1,000-car, playful parking structure will provide guests a unique point of entry to The Strong and accommodate the hundreds of thousands of new visitors who will come to experience the museum each year.

Parking garage exterior

$3M Collections Storage and Conservation

The Strong’s collection of more than 500,000 toys, dolls, games, and other objects related to play is at the core of everything we do—from exhibits to educational programs to scholarly publications. By funding new spaces for preservation work and collections storage, this campaign will ensure that The Strong has the facilities and resources to continue to grow and care for its one-of-a-kind collection.

$2M Classrooms, Labs, and Workshop Areas

To ensure that every blinking doll eye and video game cartridge continues to receive the very best care, the expansion will include new and upgraded lab facilities and work spaces for the museum’s team of conservators. We will also amplify our public programming as we add flexible, multi-purpose spaces for classes, workshops, and educational group activities.

$2M Educational Programming and Community Outreach

With your support, we will reach more students, teachers, and parents—in New York State and far beyond—as we continue to integrate play into education. Additionally, our educational outreach programs will continue to benefit dozens of not-for-profit organizations and community agencies every day, providing an inspiring and playful museum experience to the people who need it most.

$1M Named Leadership Positions

In addition to traditional naming opportunities for spaces such as exhibits, galleries, and classrooms, The Strong also offers opportunities to underwrite and support programming initiatives such as scholarly research and collections conservation efforts. By creating a named leadership position, you can help strengthen The Strong’s status as a unique cultural and educational resource in our community and as a world leader in play-based education and the preservation of play history.