Take Flight

On view through September 6

Did you know that the Wright Brothers were inspired by a rubber band-powered helicopter toy? Celebrate the joy and playfulness of flight—from hot air balloons and planes, to drones and spaceships—at Take Flight, a new exhibit at The Strong. Learn about the history of flight-based toys with examples from The Strong’s collection, explore the diverse group of women and men that took flying to new heights, and test your flying skills at a variety of stations for the littlest aviators and the biggest kids:

  • View large-scale model airplanes soaring overhead courtesy of the Glenn H. Curtiss Aviation Museum and The Strong’s wide collection of toy airplanes.
  • Walk through the history and scope of flight with a video detailing the various ways that humans have taken to the sky—and beyond!
  • Learn about the important role of the Tuskegee Airmen and see a G.I. Joe inspired by their legendary flights.
  • Discover the many contributions of women to flight and see an Amelia Earhart-inspired Barbie doll.
  • Explore the history of flight in board games and play a reproduction of World Flyers from the 1920s.
  • Design a paper airplane and test your throwing skills at a distance and accuracy station.
  • Jump into the cockpit and play your way through classic flying video games, such as Time Pilot 2048, After Burner, and Apollo 14.
  • Create a paper airplane, upload its image, and watch it take flight in digital form.
  • For the littlest aviators, zoom rocket ships around a lunar setting and discover the galaxy.

Presented in the Fidelis Care Gallery.

Fidelis Care

Take Flight is produced by The Strong.